‘Relaxed’ Prince Andrew ‘felt at home’ on Epstein’s paedo island & ‘flirted’ with sex predator Ghislaine, claims ex-maid | The Sun

‘Relaxed’ Prince Andrew ‘felt at home’ on Epstein’s paedo island & ‘flirted’ with sex predator Ghislaine, claims ex-maid | The Sun

June 29, 2022

PRINCE Andrew "made himself at home" on Jeffrey Epstein's notorious Caribbean island with his"close" pal Ghislaine Maxwell, the late paedophile financier's former housekeeper has claimed.

Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell and the Duke of York would allegedly flirt with each other when they hung out together on the now infamous Little St James.

Andrew has denied visiting Little Saint James in the US Virgin Islands, described by a lawyer for Epstein's victims as a "sex-trafficking palace".

He has also denied that he had a close friendship with Ghislaine, who was found guilty last year of sexually abusing girls as young as 14 alongside Epstein.

However, speaking for the first time on camera, Epstein's former employees Miles and Cathy Alexander appear to have thrown the Duke's claims into doubt.

It comes after Maxwell was jailed for five counts of sexual abuse.


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The married couple appear on Channel 4's upcoming documentary Ghislaine Maxwell: Making of a Monster to discuss their time working on Epstein's Caribbean getaway Little St James.

Miles Alexander and his wife Cathy, who worked as island manager and housekeeping manager respectively, first began working for Epstein in 1999.

The pair said they saw Andrew on visits to the island three times – the first time by himself, and twice with Maxwell.

In an exclusive preview seen by The Sun Online, Cathy said of Andrew and Maxwell: "They were very good friends, you could see that."

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Miles added: "They had an absolute ball, they used to laugh and enjoy themselves."

Cathy also said the two would go swimming together and go for rides on Epstein's jet skis.

Some of their interactions seemed to have a flirtatious edge.

Miles went on: "Their relationship was very close."

He said the pair would "tease each other" loudly, and that the Duke of York seemed to treat the island as his home away from home.

Cathy said: "Andrew was so relaxed, he would open the door to the kitchen where I was and say 'right, what can we eat?'.

"It was like his home in many ways."

The couple add that they couldn't remember if Andrew received any massages while staying on the island.

Andrew was so relaxed, he would open the door to the kitchen where I was and say 'right, what can we eat?'

In January, Andrew denied being a close friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, following claims by Epstein survivor Virginia Giuffre.

Giuffre has also accused Maxwell of trafficking her to have sex with Andrew three times, once in Epstein's New York townhouse, once on Little Saint James, and once at Maxwell's London residence.

One of the most damning pieces of evidence against Andrew – who denies ever even meeting Giuffre – is a picture of the Duke with his arm around the teenager's bare waist, reportedly taken in Maxwell's London home as she looks on.

His lawyers said in the same court documents submitted in the US that they didn't have enough information to admit or deny the existence of the photo.

However, in March, Andrew settled out of court with Giuffre, preventing the civil case from going to trial.

Now, with further eyewitness testimony placing the Duke on Epstein's "Paedo Island" on at least three occasions, his pleas of ignorance appear even shakier.

Later in the same Channel 4 mini-series, which debuts on July 5, another former acquaintance of Maxwell gives further clues as to her obsession with the Duke around this time.

Max Maloney, the Maxwell family's former photographer who worked for Ghislaine's father Robert at the Daily Mirror, had known Ghislaine all her life.

In June 2000, he was at the Royal Enclosure at Ascot when he saw Maxwell with Prince Andrew.

"I called over, nothing, complete blank," he said. "She was so focused on Prince Andrew that nobody else mattered."

Max, an experienced photojournalist of many decades, said it was as if Maxwell was "deferring" to Andrew, looking at him "as though he was the most important person there".

He added that he believed Maxwell had decided in that moment that "there were bigger fish in her pond than in my little pond. So she decided to ignore me".

For Max, who used to look after Maxwell as a little girl, he admitted that the snub left him "disappointed".

Miles and Cathy, who have been married 30 years, said Maxwell told them when they started the job that there would always be a lot of women around.

She described it as like "bees around the honeypot," according to miles, but insisted: "I'm the queen bee. Never forget that."

On one occasion, Miles was asked to serve tea at the pool.

When he came down, "there were lots of models lying around naked. I told my wife she could deliver the tea from now on".

They called Maxwell a "demanding employer," and dubbed her "Hurricane Maxwell".

Although the pair insist they never saw any abuse take place, they say people would leave the island "suddenly".

On one occasion, they saw one person come out crying after a massage and asking to go home.

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Maxwell has denied all the charges against her and insists she was manipulated by Epstein into committing the abuse.

The Sun Online has approached Prince Andrew for comment.

Ghislaine Maxwell: The Making of a Monster airs on Channel 4 on July 5 at 10pm.

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