Regina police officer fires gun at vehicle trying to hit him

Regina police officer fires gun at vehicle trying to hit him

December 18, 2018

A Regina police officer fired his gun at a vehicle on Monday morning (Dec. 17) after the vehicle tried to run the officer over.

Police said they noticed a suspicious vehicle in the 700 block of Garnett Street and attempted a traffic stop.

Instead, officers said the the vehicle went into reverse and hit a police vehicle, then drove forward and before reversing again, striking a power pole.

Officers said they got out of the cruiser and attempted to arrest the man. At that point, police said the vehicle drove towards the officers and an officer in its path fired his gun at the vehicle and it veered away, just missing them.

The vehicle then fled the alley at a high rate of speed, travelling westbound on 2nd Avenue, and not stopping for other cruisers, according to police.

The vehicle finally came to a stop in the area of 7th Avenue and Campbell Street, where the man was arrested.

A 22-year-old man was treated for minor injuries by paramedics. He was not shot by the officer.

Police said the man was impaired and driving a stolen vehicle.

Michael William Young, of Regina, is facing several charges including attempted murder and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

Young will make his first court appearance on Dec. 17.

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