Rapist cop David Carrick could KEEP £22k Met Police pension after being found guilty of torturing and abusing 12 women | The Sun

Rapist cop David Carrick could KEEP £22k Met Police pension after being found guilty of torturing and abusing 12 women | The Sun

January 18, 2023

RAPIST cop David Carrick could KEEP his £22,000 state-funded pension after being found guilty of torturing and abusing 12 women.

The Met Police officer has been revealed as one of the UK's worst serial rapists after he admitted 49 sex offences, including 24 counts of rape.

But the 48-year-old could still be in line to receive his £22,000-a-year retirement income whenever he gets out of jail.

'Forfeiture' applications can be made to remove a police pension in cases where an officer has been convicted of a criminal offence committed in connection with their work which leads to a serious loss of confidence in policing.

As his crimes were committed off-duty, Home Office rules make it unlikely that he would lose out on his gold-plated, final-salary pension, according to Scotland Yard.

However, Home Secretary Suella Braverman is backing forfeiture action led by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.


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Former home secretary Priti Patel said the pair should do as much as they can to stop Carrick getting his entire pension.

She said: "If he left prison with a pension pot of hundreds of thousands, with the majority coming from his employer, that would be ludicrous and unjustifiable.

Former victims commissioner Dame Vera Baird said: "There should be some room for sensible discretion here because in instances like this of course it would be appropriate to take a pension pot away from such a serious offender. What does it matter if he was on duty or not?

"I hope his victims will be compensated without having to go to court."

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Carrick tortured and abused his victims in a 17-year reign of terror by controlling what they ate and who they spoke to.

The sick cop also locked women naked in a cupboard under the stairs for ten hours at a time and branded them his "slaves".

It emerged the monster came to police attention nine times before his arrest after rape and domestic violence allegations were made against him.

The Met have apologised for not taking an earlier opportunity to capture the fiend as questions mount.

Carrick worked for the force's Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command unit – the same department as Sarah Everard's killer Wayne Couzens.

It is not clear if the pair knew each other while working at the elite unit at the same time.

Carrick's twisted offending finally came to an end when a brave victim came forward after another police rapist was jailed.

The gun cop, whose colleagues branded him "B*****d Dave", met some of his victims on dating apps such as Tinder and Badoo.

He would flash his warrant card to lure the women into a false sense of security and told them: "I’m a police officer, you can trust me”.

The monster also boasted about meeting the Prime Minister in his role guarding parliamentary, government and diplomatic buildings.

Evil Carrick would appear charming at first before spending time "developing relationships to sustain his appetite for degradation and control".

He forced women to clean his home naked, carried out degrading acts against them, cut them off from family including their children and whipped them with belts.

One victim was forced into a tiny cupboard smaller than a dog crate, while others were forced to perform sex acts until they "fought for breath".

Carrick also controlled how much they ate and when they slept, telling them: “You’re only allowed to eat this much of an apple today”.

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The monster would abuse his position in the police to terrify his victims into silence.

The women ranged from a school pal to a previous abuse victim, with some abused at the home in Stevenage he shared with his pet snake.

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