Raging woman batters 'cheating' boyfriend in the street in epic meltdown after busting him with another girl

Raging woman batters 'cheating' boyfriend in the street in epic meltdown after busting him with another girl

December 9, 2020

THIS is the shocking moment a woman loses it in the street after catching her boyfriend locked in arms with another female in New York.

Video footage of the incident shows the furious girlfriend emerge from a shop in aNew York street and confront the pair.

An epic showdown between the couple then takes place, in which the the girlfriend demands answers from her cheating partner and his alleged mistress.

In the clip the jilted girlfriend can be heard saying: "Who is this? Who is this?

"This is where you were at last night after Thanksgiving dinner?

"You taking b**ches shopping with my money?"

The other woman who seems bewildered at first, proceeds to drop the man's hand when she realises what's going on.

Seeing the predicament he's now in, the man tries to plead his innocence with his girlfriend.

He makes an excuse for leaving dinner the night before, but his attempt proves futile and things quickly escalate.

The girlfriend then attacks him and demands that he removes the clothing she has brought him.

Dressed in black pants and a top with a denim jacket, she begins grabbing her partner’s shopping bag, throwing it to one side.

He tries to resist and says: "Are are you sh*ting me?" while removing his belt.

Undeterred, she takes the belt from him and starts hitting him while trying to remove his red cap off of his head.

The manic scenes went viral on social media, where it was shared more than 2,000 times.

It sparked a huge debate amongst viewers with some saying that she went “too far”.

Some said that although they understood her anger, it doesn’t excuse her behaviour.

One person wrote: "Wow she should have just gotten her card and the bag and left, all of that was uncalled for."

In agreement another responded: "For real that was a whole f**k assault and battery and armed robbery, he needs to press charges."

But some came to the defence of the woman and said the man brought it on himself.

One said: "His fault cheating on her and to make it worse spending her money on another female! That's low!"

In unison another said: "That's what he gets … just stop lying and be honest!!!"

However, there are some sceptics who claimed the video was “fake” and “staged”.

But this is highly unlikely as the footage was captured by onlookers who can be seen in the viral clip walking by and whipping their phones out.

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