Racecar veers of course and plows into the crowd injuring 29

Racecar veers of course and plows into the crowd injuring 29

June 14, 2021

Horrifying moment off road racecar plows into Texas crowd and injures 29, three critically

  • A racecar veered off a mud racing course, smashed through a guardrail and injured 29 people in Fabens, Texas on Sunday
  • Video from the incident shows people scrambling and running away from the scene as people could be heard screaming
  • The spectators tried to help the injured, the video shows, until the ambulance and medevac helicopter arrived 15 minutes later
  • Eight people were rushed to the hospital and three were in critical condition 
  • It remains unclear what caused the vehicle to veer off-course
  • The owner of a security company who monitored the track suggested the driver hit a mud patch and lost control
  • Authorities are continuing to investigate the incident 

A racecar veered off a mud racing course, smashing through a guardrail, where spectators were watching the race, injuring 29 people on Sunday.

Video from the scene shows two of the cars taking off at the Fabens Mud Races in Texas at around 6:30 p.m., when the one closer to the videographer starts to veer off course.

At that point, the video shows people scrambling out of the way.

A second video, which starts after the crash, shows people running to the scene as others are heard screaming. A third video, posted by FitFamElPaso,  shows people trying to help the injured before the ambulances ultimately arrived.

Video from the scene of the Fabens racetrack shows one of the racecars veering off the mud track on Sunday at around 6:30 p.m.

The vehicle managed to break through a guard rail and slam into spectators watching the race

The video which was posted to social media then shows people running from the scene


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It remains unclear what caused the driver to exit the track and crash into the crowd of spectators, but Scott Smith, the owner of Rock Solid Protection, which had cleared the track for the race, said the incident occurred when the car hit a patch of mud and lost control.

‘So what happened is the cars took off and in the mud as they raced, the mud can tell the car where to go at times, and that’s exactly what it did,’ he told KVIA. 

‘It told the car to go, it jumped out of the pit right at the end of the track and as it landed at that point, it did hit the guard rail between the fans and the racetrack,’ he said, ‘and it went through the guardrail and impacted cars that were behind it.’

Three other vehicles were hit in the incident, and KVIA reported that 29 people were injured, with eight hospitalized. Three were in critical condition. 

Authorities arrived on the scene within 15 minutes, according to KTSM, with several ambulances and even a medevac helicopter to assist the wounded, but even more people transported themselves to the local hospital.

Cars were still pressed up against each other in the aftermath of the crash, KTSM showed, while authorities continued to investigate the incident. 

Families, meanwhile, gathered outside the Del Sol Medical Center in El Paso, about 33 miles from Fabens, for information about their loved ones.

A spokesman for the hospital told KTSM the hospital had received just four patients from the incident. 

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