Raccoon puts its hands through decking to steal kittens' food

Raccoon puts its hands through decking to steal kittens' food

June 26, 2020

Spooky moment raccoon reaches its hands through the gaps in a wooden deck to steal kittens’ food

  • Two kittens had an uninvited dinner guest while eating outside earlier this month
  • Cheeky raccoon stuck its hands through decking and pinched their cat food
  • Another raccoon then walked straight up to their plate in Dothan, Alabama 

A bold raccoon came up with a clever way of finding its next meal by poking its hands through decking and stealing food from kittens. 

The cats’ owner from Dothan, Alabama, filmed the cheeky pest earlier this month pinching dry kitty food straight from the plate while they ate their dinner. 

The raccoon’s tiny human-like hands make a rather creepy sight as they appear through the gaps in between the planks of the wooden deck in the footage. 

Two kittens were joined by a bold raccoon sticking it hands out of wooden decking and stealing cat food from their plate in Dothan, Alabama

The pesky raccoon uses its long fingers to grab the kibble and scoop it under the deck where it is hiding. 

As it quickly makes its way through one side of the plate it feels around and stretches out to find more. 

The two small kittens seem unfazed by the uninvited guest, pausing to take a look for a while before returning to their dinner. 

Soon enough the cats are joined by a raccoon which walks straight up to the plate to tuck it.  

At one point the pest has its hands sticking out of two gaps in the decking and steals pieces of dry cat food straight from their plate

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