Queen spotted at Sandringham as she returns for first time since Prince Philip's death

Queen spotted at Sandringham as she returns for first time since Prince Philip's death

July 18, 2021

THE Queen has been spotted at Sandringham as she returns for the first time since Prince Philip’s death.

The monarch, 95, flew into her Norfolk home on Friday evening and is expected to stay there until tomorrow. 

The Queen was seen wearing a white top adorned with pink roses and a green gilet as she drove around Wood Farm Cottage on the estate. 

The monarch was pictured driving a Land Rover in her estate – and appeared to be flanked by her bloodstock and racing adviser John Warren. 

Prince Philip, who died in April, saw out his retirement on the farm – and it is believed to be home to much of his belongings. 

It marks the Queen’s first visit to the cottage since her husband’s passing. 

The Queen and Phil were last together at the cottage in September before returning to Windsor Castle for lockdown.

Philip lived in the cottage near the coast after retiring in August 2017 as the Queen carried on working at Buckingham Palace.

He spent his days in Norfolk reading history books and biographies painting watercolours and entertaining friends and family.

His most regular visitor was Last Penny Romsey who shared his passion for carriage riding and was one of the mourners who attended his funeral in April.

Horses were also spotted being led around Commodore yard, where the process of breaking in yearlings takes place.

The Queen has a particular interest in bloodstock breeding and has owned hundreds of race horses through the years.

She is also known to breed Shetland at her Balmoral residence in Scotland and Fell ponies at Hampton Court. 

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