Protesters stop sudden eviction of out-of-work NYC tenants

Protesters stop sudden eviction of out-of-work NYC tenants

July 9, 2020

A group of protesters managed to stop what officials called a heartless and illegal eviction of tenants from a Brooklyn residence on Tuesday night.

The tenants living in a four-story LGBTQ-friendly home in Crown Heights accused their landlords of arriving unannounced Monday to push them out and move their own family in.

They claim the landlords, Gennaro Brooks-Church and ex-wife Loretta Gendville, barged into a bedroom where one tenant was in the buff after showering.

The eleven tenants in the nine-bedroom home had lost work and income amid the coronavirus in March and refused to fork over rent from April to June as the pandemic surged across the Big Apple.

“It took me months to receive unemployment,” said 24-year-old tenant Angelina Martinez. “I filed my taxes in February and I haven’t received my return. There are so many people here who have not received any kind of financial assistance during this pandemic.”

When they sent the landlords an email saying they were now ready to pay for July rent, they were ignored, according to Martinez.

“We sent an email on the first saying everyone was able to pay rent. We requested they respond in 24 hours and received no response,” Martinez said.

Instead, Brooks-Church and his ex-wife showed up with their kids and two dogs ready to move in.

“They came with furniture and beds. They said they were immediately moving in and charging into the house,” said Martinez. “The kids were saying it’s so nice to be home.”

Martinez, who works as a barista, said Gendville put her hands on her roommate, attempting to pull her out of the bedroom while unclothed.

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