Pornhub owner sued by women claiming it made millions off sex-trafficking scheme

Pornhub owner sued by women claiming it made millions off sex-trafficking scheme

December 16, 2020

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Pornhub’s parent company is being sued by 40 women who claim the site made millions off the alleged GirlsDoPorn sex-trafficking scheme, new court papers show.

MindGeek was hit with the $80-million suit in California federal court Tuesday by the anonymous alleged victims, who claim the company hosted videos from GirlsDoPorn despite knowing the site sex-trafficked and exploited the women and girls in the videos, according to the court papers.

In 2011, MindGeek which owns over 100 X-rated sites including Pornhub, “began selling, marketing, and exploiting videos featuring GirlsDoPorn’s sex trafficking victims on its website,” the court filing alleges.

MindGeek knew that GirlsDoPorn was trafficking women and girls “by using fraud, coercion and intimidation as part of its customary business practices to get women to film the videos,” potentially as early as 2009 — and definitely by the fall of 2016 when civil claims were brought against GirlsDoPorn, the court papers claim.

Still, MindGeek kept up its partnership with the website until it stopped making money after the feds shut down GirlsDoPorn and arrested the men allegedly involved in the scheme, the court documents charge.

The women allege that MindGeek is complicit in the scheme and should be held responsible at least through this lawsuit.

And what’s more, MindGeek “to this day” is still making money off of those videos — including ones of the plaintiffs, the court papers allege.

“MindGeek knew it was partnering with and profiting from a sex trafficking venture for years,” the suit charges. “MindGeek also knew of the significant harassment and trauma GirlsDoPorn’s victims were enduring by its continued publication of the victims’ videos.”

GirlsDoPorn videos have been viewed almost a billion times on all of MindGeek’s websites, the court papers claim.

“MindGeek generated millions of dollars in affiliate fees and premium subscriptions,” from GirlsDoPorn videos including ones featuring the platiniffs, the court papers say.

MindGeek did not immediately return a request for comment.


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