Pope blesses pregnant mother’s ULTRASOUND as she shows scan on phone

Pope blesses pregnant mother’s ULTRASOUND as she shows scan on phone

December 19, 2018

Pope blesses pregnant mother’s ULTRASOUND as she shows him the scan on her phone

  • The Pope blessed an expectant mother’s ultrasound image at the Vatican today
  • The pregnant woman produced the image from her iPhone at a general audience
  • She joined others who thronged to receive the Pope’s blessing in Paul VI hall
  • Pope Francis also blessed bride and groom couples and newborn babies 

The Pope blessed an expectant mother’s ultrasound image as she showed him a picture of the fetus on her iPhone at the Vatican.

Among the throng of people who reached out to the Pope at his weekly general audience at the Vatican on Wednesday was an expectant mother brandishing an image on her smartphone.

Pope Francis blessed the child which was displayed on a grainy blue ultrasound image on the woman’s screen.

The Pope greeted crowds of people including newborn babies, a baker who presented him a panettone cake and women in their bridal gowns in the Paul VI hall.

The Pope makes a sacred blessing on the ultrasound image presented to him by an expectant mother on Wednesday

Babies are held forth alongside phones as hundreds of images are snapped of the Pope while he greets the audience and passes on his blessings

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Pope Francis smells a Christmas panettone cake offered to him by a pastry chef during the weekly general audience

Families are overjoyed as they pose for pictures with the pope and even a miniature Pope Francis figurine is held by an enthusiastic woman

Pope Francis urged the people that Christmas cannot just be about swapping presents and indulging in a massive consumer binge, urging the faithful to remember its original purpose to mark Christ’s birth.

‘The advertising machine tells us we have to exchange more and more new presents to give us a surprise. But is that the sort of celebration that God wants?’ Francis asked the regular open audience in the Vatican.

‘No, Christmas is about listening to the silent voice of God,’ he said.

The Pope meets with Catholics at the audience on Wednesday who wait to receive his blesisng; including bride and groom couples and young parents with their newborn babies

The Pope greets the faithful who appear overjoyed with Christmas spirit as they reach out to him and smile

The Pope clutches a woman’s hand as she receives his blessing, surrounded by children who gaze up at the Catholic leader

Pope Francis blesses a small boy as others take photographs with their phones at the Paul VI hall on Wednesday

‘Please, I ask you, let us not turn Christmas into a fashionable event!

‘It is not Christmas if we seek out the bright lights, if we load up on presents but then don’t help even one poor person,’ said the Pope who is well known for his criticism of social inequality and injustices.

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