‘Poor me’: Trump laments being ‘all alone’ on Christmas Eve

‘Poor me’: Trump laments being ‘all alone’ on Christmas Eve

December 24, 2018

Even by his standards, President Donald Trump sent an unusual number of tweets out on Christmas Eve in the US.

The border wall, his unpopular decision to withdraw troops from Syria and why the Federal Reserve is like a powerful golfer who can't putt were all addressed in ten tweets sent within three hours on Monday morning.

Trump tweeted that he was all alone in the White House.Credit:AP

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney signalled that Trump is willing to accept less money than he's been demanding to build the US-Mexico border wall, but Democrats said they would still not agree to a wall.

Trump's lonely tweet, unsurprisingly, prompted a slew of jokes and references to Home Alone, a Christmas film that Trump once had a cameo in. Some people expressed concern over Trump's mental welfare at the happiest time of year, others were outraged that he appeared to be playing the victim while attacking a host of people in his tweet storm.

Trump may be alone in more ways that one on Christmas Eve.

He is coming off one of his roughest weeks as President – instigating the government shutdown fight, provoking then fast-tracking his defence chief James Mattis' resignation, abruptly pulling US troops from Syria and Afghanistan, and even thinking about firing the head of the US central bank.

Even his closest Republican Party members and conservative media allies deserted him over his decisions on Mattis and Syria, and his suggestion of firing Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell.

Republican Congressman Dennis Ross of Florida said he and his GOP colleagues are growing increasingly anxious. "Whether it be defence or monetary policy, we want to see some stability," Ross told Bloomberg.

But, as Republican strategists and advisers close to the President told Bloomberg, he sees it as a winning hand that shows his supporters he is fulfilling election promises.

By digging in on his threat to shut down the government over his border wall, and by bringing troops home, Trump is sticking to his "America First" doctrine and feeding his 2020 re-election mantra of "promises made, promises kept".

By playing to his most dedicated supporters, he may just stay in the White House after the next election. Perhaps not so alone.

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