‘Pollution incident’ causes stretch canal to change colour

‘Pollution incident’ causes stretch canal to change colour

January 10, 2019

What’s giving Manchester the blues? Stretch of Bridgewater Canal in the city mysteriously changes colour leaving locals baffled (as they say it’s usually ORANGE)

  • Stretch of Manchester’s Bridgewater Canal has turned a bizarre shade of blue
  • The waterway behind a shopping centre now looks more like soapy bathwater
  • A pollution incident is believed to be behind the transformation of the water
  • Locals are baffled by the change in the water and say that its unusually orange 

A stretch of the Bridgewater Canal in Manchester has turned a bizarre shade of blue.

The Environment Agency believes pollution has caused the waterway behind the Trafford Centre shopping centre to change colour. 

Locals have been left scratching their heads about the change in colour and say its unusually orange. 

Dag Pagan stopped to take some photographs of the canal on his way home on Tuesday. 

A stretch of Manchester’s Bridgewater Canal has turned a bizarre shade of blue

Dag, 69, said: ‘It was very unusual shade blue colour.

‘The canal is normally orange because of the old iron ore mine in Worsley.

‘I’ve never seen it like that before. I was walking for a good 15 minutes before I reached water that was a normal colour again.

‘It looked like some sort of spillage.’

The Environment Agency are investigating the cause of the discolouration.

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An Environment Agency spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of reports of discoloration in Bridgewater Canal. Environment Officers are currently on site and investigating the cause.

‘At the stage, we do believe that the discoloration has been caused by pollution and we will continue to monitor the site to reduce any environmental impact.’

It is understood the water was contaminated by a nearby overspill drain.

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