Police stop careless driver with 10ft kayak sticking out his car

Police stop careless driver with 10ft kayak sticking out his car

April 28, 2021

Up the creek! Police catch careless driver heading to the beach with a 10ft KAYAK poking out of his car

  • Car with large kayak stuffed in back was stopped in Monkseaton, North Tyneside 
  • People were quick to slam the actions of the ‘incredibly dangerous’ driver online
  • Northumbria Police say they will interview the man under caution at a later date

A reckless driver who tried travelling to the beach with a 10ft kayak sticking out of his car has been reprimanded by both the police and shocked onlookers. 

The Monkseaton motorist was stopped by Northumbria Police on Sunday evening after he was caught driving with both rear doors open to accommodate his kayak. 

The light blue Seat Ibiza – which was heading towards Whitley Bay – even had P plates on, indicating the male driver had only recently passed his test.

Shocked onlookers called the police who blasted the ‘incredibly dangerous’ driver.

The motorist was left in hot water after officers said they would interview both car occupants under caution.

The driver of this blue Seat Ibiza (pictured) shocked those on the road and online, after pictures showed the car’s rear doors were wide open to accommodate a canoe

Sunday’s stunning weather left many Brits hoping to make the most of the weekend.

So the kayakers thought they could brazenly drive to a nearby beach with a canoe sticking out both rear doors. 

Social media users were quick to question the eye-opening photograph that was shared online.

Canoe believe it: Sunday’s stunning weather left many Brits longing for a beach – but the ‘incredibly dangerous’ Monkseaton motorist took it too far

Roads policing officer Darren Lant reacted to the picture online, saying it ‘beggars belief at what some people think is acceptable’

Others pointed out the fact the light blue Seat Ibiza was still using ‘P’ plates, indicating the driver had only recently passed his test 

@Baylissrally tweeted: ‘Canoe believe it?’

What are the current rules on abnormal or overhanging loads in the UK?

  •  The Government has set out specific guidelines on what constitutes an ‘abnormal’ load for vehicles in the UK.
  • These include vehicles with a weight of more than 44,000kg.
  • An axle load of more than 10,000kg for a single non-driving axle and 11,500kg for a single driving axle.
  • A width of more than 9.5ft or a rigid length of more than 61.1ft.
  • If your overhanging cargo exceeds 9.5ft in width, you must add clear marker boards and lights to your vehicle and give the police at least two working days notice. 

While Danny Patterson said: ‘Would definitely be up the creek without a paddle with his insurance if the police pulled him.’ 

But others online took the matter more seriously.

Stunned roads policing officer Darren Lant, who was working at the time of the incident, tweeted: ‘Beggars belief at what some people think is acceptable.’ 

Sean Duffy fumed: ‘How the hell could anyone think that’s ok?

‘Ban them for life, they’re obviously morons, a risk to themselves and everyone else.’ 

Steven French said: ‘Some people need their licence taken or at least send it back to Kellogg’s, because they must have got it off the back of a Coco Pops box.’

A Northumbria Police spokesperson added: ‘It was reported that a light blue Seat Ibiza car was causing an obstruction with both rear doors open and a kayak hanging out of the sides of the vehicle.

‘Officers stopped the car in question and spoke to two male occupants.

‘They will be interviewed under caution in connection with the incident.

‘We would like to reiterate that this type of behaviour is incredibly dangerous and we are committed to taking action against anyone who endangers the lives of other road users.’ 

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