Police dogs awkwardly test out their new winter booties

Police dogs awkwardly test out their new winter booties

January 10, 2019

Police in Maine have outfitted two of their K9 officers with new winter booties and by the look of things, the dogs will need some time getting used to their paw-wear.

Portland police outfitted officers Barni and Trixie with some snow-ready booties to help keep their paws safe from the winter elements, like salt and sand.

Video shows the animals awkwardly showing off their boots, slapping around on the floor of the police department.

However, Barni and Trixie seemed to take the new addition to their uniform in stride compared to other police dogs.

Take Rapid City’s K9 officer Jary, for instance. This dog was having some issues. The police force outfitted the animal last month in preparation for a busy winter.

Portland police were praised online for taking care of the K9 officers.

“Love that you keep their little feet safe,” reads a comment.

“Kudos to the Portland Maine Police-now if dog owners would follow suit!” reads another.

Others just enjoyed watching the dogs with their new boots.

“I’ve watched this with my kids about 10 times! We keep laughing over and over again!! Meredith Wood-Masteka

“This is so funny!! That side step though,” Jessica Marie-Hovey said.

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