Police constable who had sex with suicidal woman jailed for two years

Police constable who had sex with suicidal woman jailed for two years

December 6, 2018

Met police constable who had sex with suicidal woman on duty after she flashed at him and said ‘I’ve always wanted to sleep with an officer’ is jailed for two years

  • Scott Johnson, 45, from Romney Marsh, Kent, met woman in September 2016
  • He visited her home after she took an overdose before she was taken to hospital
  • While there she flashed at him and the two started to exchange messages
  • After this Johnson visited her flat on two different occasions where they had sex
  • Now sentenced to two years prison after admitting misconduct in public office 

Scott Johnson (pictured outside Southwark Crown Court), 45, from Romney Marsh, Kent, admitted misconduct in a public office at Southwark Crown Court and was sentenced today to two years in prison

A police constable had sex with a suicidal woman on duty after she exposed herself to him in a hospital cubicle and said ‘I’ve always wanted to sleep with an officer’, a court heard.   

Scott Johnson, 45, met the 26-year-old woman after she took an overdose, when he went to her flat with another officer.

The woman was subsequently treated at West Middlesex Hospital after drinking alcohol and taking a large amount of anti-depressants, Southwark Crown Court heard.   

‘The complainant had taken an overdose, the last was in an untidy state and the electricity had run out,’ said prosecutor Thomas Broomfield.

She later asked the officers for a hug at the hospital and when the colleague refused Johnson was left alone with the woman in a cubicle.

‘Mr Johnson stated that she told him she always wanted to sleep with a police officer,’Mr Broomfied said. 

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The woman is then said to have grabbed his bottom and ‘flashed at him’.

Following this incident Johnson and the woman began exchanging messages on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

‘Both parties shared many intimate photos of themselves,’ explained Mr Broomfield.

The prosecutor told how Johnson then visited her flat on two separate occasions where they had sex.

On one of these occasions, she took a photograph of his warrant card and posted it on Facebook.

Describing the second incident, Mr Broomfield said: ‘Having communicated for a month, he attended her flat while on night duty in full uniform, leaving another officer outside.’

Johnson (centre) met the 26-year-old woman after she took an overdose in September 2016. The two began texting after he escorted her to West Middlesex Hospital that day

Johnson had used pseudonym during their online communications, calling himself Dave Bosch.

The complainant disclosed the relationship when a self harming incident was reported to the police and Johnson was arrested.

The prosecutor added: ‘Mr Johnson maintained that the sexual activity at the hospital was consensual and thereafter, in his words, it ‘snowballed.’

‘Both on and off-duty, Scott Johnson failed in his duty to protect someone who was vulnerable.’

In her victim impact statement, the woman said: ‘My life has been turned upside down. I want justice for the trauma Scott Johnson and the Met Police have caused me.’

Johnson, from Romney Marsh, Kent, admitted misconduct in a public office.

Richard Atchley, defending, said Johnson had himself been suffering from depression and that he is the sole carer for his ailing father who has cancer.

Jailing Johnson for two years, Judge Amanda Pinto said: ‘This person had tried to kill herself by taking an overdose.

‘She has mental health issues, which were apparent on the police system, including a history of self harm and attempted suicide. 

The judge said told how Johnson had created the pseudonym ‘specifically to prevent the police from monitoring your account.’

‘You clearly must have appreciated that this was a gross breach of your responsibilities as a police officer.

‘She had attempted suicide six times before and thought about suicide every day.’

The judge told how Johnson was arrested after police went to the woman’s flat on October 19, 2017 following a report of self-harm.

During that call out she told police about her relationship with Johnson, who is nearly twenty years her senior.

The judge added: ‘You used your position as a police officer to engage in a sexual relationship with a vulnerable woman, who had just been admitted to hospital following an overdose.’

He was sentenced to two years in prison.

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