Piers Morgan’s fury as judge vows to walk off GMB over backlash to claiming Sun cancer columnist’s life had ‘less value’

Piers Morgan’s fury as judge vows to walk off GMB over backlash to claiming Sun cancer columnist’s life had ‘less value’

January 18, 2021

PIERS Morgan was furious after an ex-judge vowed to walk off Good Morning Britain today following a row over how some people's lives are "less valuable."

Lord Sumption, a former Supreme Court Justice, called Sun columnist Deborah James' life "less valuable" because she has stage 4 cancer on BBC's The Big Questions yesterday.

The former judge said on GMB this morning: "Sometimes, policymakers have to say 'some lives are worth less than others.'"

But Piers gave Lord Sumption a hypothetical situation, where a 98-year-old man has signed a Do Not Resuscitate order in hospital, after suffering from broken bones.

The host then asked if the man has less value – in comparison to, for example, a 25-year-old who has been in a car crash.

Piers then revealed that the 98-year-old he was talking about is Sir Tom Moore – someone who in their old age, has in fact provided great value to the country.

He added: "I'm quoting your own words, you literally reiterated several times yesterday that you believe older people have less value. That's your words, not mine.

"What caused the offence was your use of the word value."

Susanna Reid then brought up how Lord Sumption was saying this yesterday in front of Deborah James – who has cancer.

But the ex-judge, clearly enraged by the comments, then said: "I was not intending to make any comment at all about Deborah James' personal position.

"I've made that perfectly clear to her since. We have had a friendly exchange on the point. And I regard this matter as closed.


"I am not going to say anymore on this subject.

"You invited me on to this programme to comment on a poll, if you wish to do that I'm very happy to comment on it.

"If you don't wish to do it, then I'm off."

Piers then added: "Before you go off, let me just remind you, Lord Sumption, that it's you that used the word value, it's not me, it's not the programme.

"You yourself said that elderly people have less value."

The ex-judge then said: "I explained to you exactly what I meant by value. I explained that on the programme yesterday.

"I have no more to say about this particular topic."

The row started after the ex-judge told Deborah James, 39, her life was not worth as much as other Brits because of her condition yesterday.

Lord Sumption, who believes vulnerable people should isolate if they want to while the rest of the population live their normal lives, said: "All lives are not of equal value – the older you are, the less valuable yours is because there's less of it left."

However, she fired back: "With all due respect I'm the person who you say their life is not valuable, I live with metastatic bowel cancer.

The Lord, who sat on the Supreme Court until 2018, then pointed out: "I didn't say your life was not valuable, I said it was less valuable."

Deborah – known as Bowel Babe – quickly replied: "Who are you to put a value on life?

"In my view, and I think in many others, life is sacred and I don't think we should make those judgement calls."

Deborah, from London, has inspired countless patients by sharing her experiences in her column 'Things Cancer Made Me Say.'

She has had 17 tumours in her lifetime and had her latest cancer operation was just weeks ago. 

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