Piers Morgan slams government for 'not knowing their own Covid rules' – but Michael Gove fires back blasting GMB ratings

Piers Morgan slams government for 'not knowing their own Covid rules' – but Michael Gove fires back blasting GMB ratings

December 1, 2020

PIERS Morgan has today slammed Government chiefs for 'not knowing their own Covid rules' – but minister Michael Gove hit back over Good Morning Britain's ratings.

In a blistering row on the show this morning, Mr Gove took on the TV firebrand over officials' response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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A row broke out over the Government's new three-tier system – which has put most areas of the UK into tiers two and three.

It comes as England’s second lockdown ends tomorrow, on December 2. Just Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and Isle of Wight will be in the first tier.

In tiers two and three, Brits can't go for a pint without also eating a 'substantial' meal – which it was yesterday revealed includes a scotch egg.

The Government is today facing a revolt in Parliament over the new tiered system, with 100 MPs threatening to vote down the 'draconian' new rules.

And on today's show, Piers – clutching the savoury snack – accused Mr Gove of not understanding the rules himself.

He said: "You want us to all go out and support this industry and to abide by the rules, and again, once more, we have Government ministers who are not able to tell us what their own rules are."

He then quizzed the minister on the UK's high death rate and plunging economy – asking: "Do you accept it has been an abject failure?"

But Mr Gove immediately replied: "No."

"Firstly, we're not through this yet," he said.

"It is the case that countries across the globe have been wrestling with the pandemic, which is a disaster.

"But it's important to stress that we're not through this yet, and that's why we're moving out of lockdown but into a tiered system which is designed to reduce the rate of infection."

The two men then shouted over each other as each attempted to make their point – and Piers accused the MP of 'lying' over public support for the Prime Minister.

Mr Gove had said: "I think Boris is doing a good job and so do a majority of people in this country."

But Piers replied: "Actually the majority of people do not think that."

When Mr Gove attempted to reply, the host said: "You just said a blatant lie."

"If we were going to judge purely by passing opinion polls – or, for that matter, television ratings – then people would say, 'Piers, you're doing not that great a job'," Mr Gove said.

But Piers immediately returned fire – telling the MP: "Actually, our ratings have doubled in five years, so actually if you want to draw a comparison between us and Boris Johnson, I'm very happy to do that."

As he spoke, Mr Gove said: "You're doing a fantastic job, given what your ratings are, but I think you're doing a fantastic job because I make a judgement."

Health Secretary Matt Hancock was the first Government official to appear on Good Morning Britain after a 201-day embargo last month.

The U-turn was announced just a day after Dominic Cummings left No10.

During an excruciating interview, Mr Hancock refused to turn down a pay rise ten times in a row after Piers said the MP – who takes home a £146,973 salary – should forego a proposed £3,500 increase for MPs.

It comes after it was revealed 5million public sector workers face a three-year pay freeze.

Days before Mr Hancock agreed to be interviewed, Piers slammed the government for being "gutless little weasels" for the boycott.

Boris Johnson has also previously seemed as if he was trying to avoid appearing on the show – last year disappearing into a fridge to avoid questions.

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