Peruvian cops dressed as Santa Claus, elf have last laugh in drug raid

Peruvian cops dressed as Santa Claus, elf have last laugh in drug raid

December 16, 2020

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Police Navidad!

Peruvian narcs disguised as Santa Claus and his elf were not exactly spreading cheer on a sleigh when they jumped out of an undercover van and broke down the door of a man who made the naughty list, Reuters reported.

“We are the police! We are the green squad! This is an anti-drug operation!” one of the agents was captured on video yelling at the hapless suspect in the Villa El Salvador district of Lima.

The crime-fighting Saint Nick and his trusty sidekick – wearing flak jackets under their costumes — tackled the alleged cocaine and dope dealer, making sure he will have a less-than-merry Christmas behind bars.

The suspect had been videotaped selling drugs outside his home near a school, a police spokesman said.

During the raid, police recovered a bag with hundreds of small bags that appeared to contain drugs, a handgun and a balaclava, he said.


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