Parents praise school for buying a uniform for every child starting reception to save families hundreds

Parents praise school for buying a uniform for every child starting reception to save families hundreds

January 7, 2022

PARENTS have praised a school trust for buying uniforms for every child starting at reception to save families hundreds every year.

Trinity Multi-Academy Trust in Halifax, West Yorkshire, is offering mums and dads a £50 uniform voucher which can be redeemed in a local uniform shop.

Each pupil can pick up two branded jumpers, two long sleeve tops, one elastic tie, one pair of PE shorts, one PE shirt and two pairs of socks.

Alternatively, parents can opt to choose two cardigans, instead of the jumpers.

The vouchers have been offered to all parents of kids in three of the trust's schools: Trinity Academy Akroydon, Trinity Academy St Chad's, or Trinity Academy St Peter's.

New statutory guidance means schools have to make uniforms affordable for all families after statistics showed a full set of uniform costs up to £101.19 per child per year.

But Trinity MAT's director of primaries Emma Hanlon wanted to go further.

She told Yorkshire Live: "We were already providing ties and a book bag for children who were starting reception, but we wanted to go one step further and be proactive in supporting families with the cost of uniform.

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"We wanted to send out quite a strong message that we are supporting families right at the start of their child's education.

"Also, we are in a pandemic, families have faced challenges.

"So this is a 'feel-good' thing and a really positive thing to do."

Earlier this year, rules to allow more high street options, like own-brand supermarket uniforms, came into force.

The school uniform bill was first introduced by Labour MP Mike Amesbury, with the backing of the Children's Society.

It was been delayed due to the pandemic, but was given Royal Assent in April, meaning the Queen gave her permission for the bill to pass.

Schools minister Nick Gibb told The Sun last year: "Too often rising costs have become unreasonable, and I know some parents can feel put off by having to spend such significant amounts – or worse caught unaware when the costs are not upfront and clear to them from the start.


"This new law will help to make school uniform affordable for all, saving families money and ensuring the cost of a blazer or shirt is never a barrier.

"Whether that means encouraging parents to use their local supermarket or clothes shop, or supporting the use of second-hand uniform, I want to put an end to the financial pressure the cost of school uniform can put on families."

Parents in some areas of the UK can apply for a £150 uniform grant to help cover back to school costs.

One mum was outraged after spending more than £240 on uniforms last year.

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