Painful moment man falls down ladder

Painful moment man falls down ladder

May 22, 2020

Ouch! Painful moment man falls 7ft off a ladder and crashes onto his deck but suffers only cuts and bruises

  • Justin Murad escaped serious unjury when he fell seven-foot down a ladder
  • He was trying to get a neighbor’s drone out of his tree in his backyard in Boston 
  • It had been raining the day before and he fell down the ladder when it slipped 

This is the moment a father-to-be slipped and fell down a ladder but somehow escaped serious injury. 

Justin Murad, 24, was trying to get up to his roof to fetch his neighbor’s drone that was stuck in a tree in his back yard in Boston. 

When the ladder slid out on the wet decking his leg got stuck in between two of the rungs which flipped him over so that he fell head-first onto the deck. 

When the ladder slips on Justin Murad’s wet decking in Boston he tries to move quickly but his foot catches on one of the steps

His flip flops go flying off his feet as the ladder turns him so he is upside down when he falls

Justin said: ‘As I lay there on the floor I thought I was paralyzed. 

‘When I started to feel pain throughout my body I was like: “Okay I’m definitely dead”.’

The footage shows him climbing the ladder in flip flops before it starts to slide and one of the rungs catches his foot. 

His whole body turns over, his flip flops go flying into the air and his head goes tumbling down into the floor. 

He lies on the ground completely still until his alarmed wife Jessica comes out to see if he is okay and asks what he hit. 

‘You need to tell me when you’re going to climb ladders and you need to put on real clothes if you’re going to climb ladders,’ says Jessica. 

The paralegal rests his hands on a banister as he recovers from the shock of the fall. 

Justin only suffered cuts and bruises and a ‘possible mild sprained wrist’. 

‘If I had advice for others I’d say wear sneakers when climbing ladders,’ he said. 

Justin thought he was paralyzed as he lay on the floor after he tumbled down the ladder head-first

His wife Jessica (pictured) comes running out to see if he is okay and says he should have told her he was going to climb a ladder

He had tried to get the drone himself to keep social distance from his neighbors because of the lockdown rules and because his wife is eight months pregnant. 

His plan was to put the ladder on the side of the house to get onto the roof and toss a basketball at the drone in his tree to get it down.  

After his fall he was not able to get the drone but the wind knocked it out of the tree two days later.  

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