Paedo cop who raped girl, 13, and took boasting selfie after sending sickening texts is jailed for 25 years

Paedo cop who raped girl, 13, and took boasting selfie after sending sickening texts is jailed for 25 years

December 13, 2018

Ian Naude, 30, said the girl "seemed to be enjoying" the horrific attack and asked her to call him "Daddy" because he found it a "turn on".

The cop was obsessed with taking the virginity of teenagers and joined Cheshire Police "to gain the keys to a sweet shop" and meet vulnerable girls.

The fiend has today been jailed for 25 years at Liverpool Crown Court after being found guilty of four counts of attempting to arrange the commission of a child sex offence.

He was also convicted of one count of arranging the commission of a child sex offence in relation to five other complainants aged between 12 and 15.

Naude had already admitted 30 other offences, including inciting children to engage in sexual activity, causing children to watch sexual acts and misconduct in a public office.

Honorary recorder of Liverpool Judge Clement Goldstone QC said he abused his position as a cop to "satisfy your lust and perversion".

The court heard Naude had originally been called to a domestic incident at the victim's house in October 2017.

He then contacted her on Facebook, exchanging sexual images and messages, before taking her out in his car and raping her.

Sick messages he sent to some of his victims have also been revealed, with the 30-year-old posing as a teen boy Jake Green.

In one exchange, Naude was told the girl was "13 coming 14".

He replied: "Ooooh you're still 13… that's so sexy…"

In another, he said: "I thought you were older than that, you're so pretty for only 14 hey."

The court heard Naude, who joined Cheshire Police in April 2017, had been acting on an "ever increasing interest in young girls" over the past six or seven years.

He would use the name Bruce Ian Wayne on Facebook in an apparent reference to Batman, while his Snapchat was under the name King Of The North.

After complimenting his victims, he would then demand nude images and threaten to expose her to her friends if she refused.

Naude, who previously served in Afghanistan as a machine gunner with the Royal Irish Regiment, denied that he had attempted to arrange to commit child sex offences, claiming that messages sent to girls asking them to meet were just fantasy.

Detective Chief Superintendent Aaron Duggan said: "It was Ian Naude's job to enforce the law and protect the most vulnerable from harm.

"Instead he did the opposite."

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