Obama says ‘every issue young people care about’ from ‘police misconduct’ to climate change is on the ballot

Obama says ‘every issue young people care about’ from ‘police misconduct’ to climate change is on the ballot

October 19, 2020

BARACK Obama has said that "every issue young people care about" from "police misconduct" to climate change is on the ballot.

The former president released a new video, explaining that the November 3 election is "not just presidential candidates on the ticket."

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Obama captioned the video: "From police reform to funding our schools, the officials with the most power to change the issues we care about in our communities are often found at the state and local levels. So educate yourselves up and down the ticket, make a plan to vote, and vote."

The former president went on to explain the importance of voting for district attorneys, state attorneys and mayors during the election to cover "every issue that young people in particular care about."

Despite saying that the government is "not going to solve every problem overnight," that "it can make it better," subsequently saving lives.

Obama goes on to discuss that the election could help create less air pollution, people not being charged for crimes they shouldn't be charged for and "some people don't get shot."

Last week it was announced that Obama will hit the campaign trail for his former Vice President Joe Biden.

The presidential hopeful confirmed Obama's plan when he spoke to reporters near his home in Delaware before boarding a flight to Florida on Tuesday.

Biden said his former boss is "doing enough for our campaign, he'll be out on the trail."

The Democrat did not confirm when or where Obama would begin his campaigning.

Obama publicly endorsed Biden in April, after Senator Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race.

The former president has been vocal in his backing of Biden, and has said "so much is at stake in this election" against Trump.

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