NYC couple celebrates anniversary with a bang during Peter Luger shooting

NYC couple celebrates anniversary with a bang during Peter Luger shooting

May 1, 2021

Their wedding anniversary got off to a bang.

Bayside couple Javier and Nikki Hernandez booked a 9:15 p.m. table at Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn Thursday to celebrate 18 years of wedded bliss – the same night a fellow diner whipped out a gun and began shooting outside the iconic Williamsburg restaurant.

As the lovebirds began to dig in, Arkies Sommerville allegedly opened fire outside the restaurant after getting in a fight with family members who had been celebrating a birthday inside. The bullets hit two bystanders, a man dining outside and one waiting for a table.

“I didn’t hear the gun shots due to a group behind us singing ‘Happy Birthday,’ then a female came up saying someone got shot outside the door. I didn’t believe it because I didn’t hear a pop,” Javier Hernandez, 41, a biomedical engineer, told The Post.

He said patrons upstairs started to panic and wanted to run, but a waiter told them to stay put because the danger was outside, not inside.

There was no way the shooter’s alleged beef would get in the way of theirs.

“So my wife and I go back to eat as if nothing happened,” he said.

He posted about the night to remember on Facebook telling friends: “Sorry but I was hangry so I stayed and finished my steak.”

Hernandez said when they left the famed eatery it was like a normal night, except for the throngs of police outside.

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