North Korean soldier 'killed in blast' after Kim Jong-un ordered landmines to be planted along border to 'stop Covid'

North Korean soldier 'killed in blast' after Kim Jong-un ordered landmines to be planted along border to 'stop Covid'

November 26, 2020

KIM JONG-UN’S plan to tackle the onslaught of coronavirus by laying landmines along its border has backfired after a North Korean soldier was reportedly killed in a blast while laying the explosives.

A soldier from North Korea’s Storm Corps was allegedly killed in a landmine explosion along the border with China in Yanggang Province.

The tragic blast killed one member of the Storm Corps and left three others injured, according to a source who shared details of the tragedy with the Daily NK online newspaper.

According to the source in Yanggang Province on Monday, the shocking incident happened as soldiers were laying mines along the border in Pochon in mid-October.

The catastrophe has been uncovered after insiders from Seoul’s National Intelligence Service in neighbouring South Korea revealed the dictatorship had buried landmines along the border with China in a desperate bid to control the spread of coronavirus.

A shocking report earlier this month warned that North Korea’s coronavirus victims are starving to death after being abandoned in secret quarantine camps, set up to hide the horrors of the pandemic from the world’s glare.

The secretive country’s autocratic leader Kim Jong-un has claimed there are no cases of Covid-19 in North Korea, despite neighbours South Korea reporting more than 32,000 infections and 515 deaths and China topping 92,000 cases and more than 4,700 deaths.

Local media reported the soldiers wounded in the sickening blast were admitted to a local hospital and have undergone treatment.


“The mines being laid along the border in Yanggang Province since early last month are small fragmentation mines,” said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“The mine is made of plastic, with a kill radius of about three meters.”

According to him, the mines were being laid under the pretext of the quarantine against the coronavirus, but the “real goal was to stop people from crossing the river [into China].”

After locals learned about the incident, “they’ve grown more fearful about defecting,” he added.

Military authorities reportedly believe that the accident happened due to “soldiers’ insufficient field training in laying mines”, the source told Daily NK.

The accident is reportedly being used as an opportunity to re-educate soldiers on the ground, giving them extra lessons in the theory of minelaying and carrying out field training.

Storm Corps have been handed BBM-82 fragmentation mines currently in use in North Korea as anti-personnel mines to lay, the source revealed.

“The mines laid this time are portable landmines the Storm Corps would use when they infiltrate enemy rear positions in wartime,” said the source.

“We’ll have to wait and see whether the Sino-North Korean border will become a large-scale mine field.”

The death and injuries come after dozens of North Korean soldiers were wounded in two separate blasts last month as they laid landmines at the Chinese border – reportedly to stop people from the dictatorship defecting to their larger neighbour.

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