North Korea ‘ready for combat’ as Kim Jong-un orders missiles to be fired at ‘any time’ amid fears of new nuke test

North Korea ‘ready for combat’ as Kim Jong-un orders missiles to be fired at ‘any time’ amid fears of new nuke test

April 16, 2021

KIM Jong-un has ordered his nuclear missiles to be "combat ready" so they an be fired at any time, reports say.

According to a high-ranking source, officials in charge of North Korea's rockets have been told to be ready to execute orders "at any time."

It comes as the rogue state celebrated its founder Kim Il-Sung's birthday yesterday, a celebration known as the Sun Festival.

Every year, special warnings are issued to the military and weapons operators on the annual event, NK News reports.

Military officials have declared Special Guard Week since Monday and issued a special warning order for all troops to be ready.

Yet, one source told the news outlet that the order to prepare missile fire is unusual even during the Sun Festival.

Reports say that a test of a short range ballistic missile (SLBM) is imminent.

News outlet 38 North released a satellite image of the SLBM test barge in the Sinpo Shipyard's security tank on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a report says dictator Kim could be assembling a deadly arsenal of 240 nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles which could wipe out the West.

The report by the Asan Institute for Policy Studies and the Rand Corp has warned allies must identify strategies to counter any nuclear warfare attempts by North Korea that "could cause millions of deaths".

It says despot Kim "appears to be building a nuclear weapon force capable of enabling peninsula dominance", warning "enhanced" South Korea and US defences "to sustain deterrence" should be put in place.

North Korea fired a series of short-range ballistic rockets into the Sea of Japan during weapons test in March – the first such tests since Joe Biden won the US election.

The White House has said North Korea has avoided engaging in talks with Washington since Biden's took office on January 20.

In recent weeks, the hermit kingdom has threatened the US with what it called “invincible power” after the US leader criticised the missile tests.

One of the country’s senior officials branded the US President a “gangster” and who has taken a “first wrong” step following his comments about the tests.

Fears over a war with North Korea continue to rise after “heightened activity” was detected this month at the country's main testing site. 

Satellite images showing Kim's continued campaign of construction has led experts to believe that the secretive state is now ramping up its nuke programme.

New satellite footage shows increased activity at the Youngbyon Nuclear Science and Weapons Research Centre which is located about 100km from capital Pyongyang.  

In the images, a coal-fired steam plant can be seen in operation at the site, which is rumoured to be the location where the state’s estimated four dozen nuclear weapons are housed.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un appears ready to launch a submarine capable of striking anywhere in the world with nuclear rockets.

Satellite images of Sinpho indicate that the floating dry-dock was recently been repositioned alongside the construction hall's submarine launch quay.

Analysis from think-tank Stimson Center, posted on 38 North, suggests the new submarine may "be nearing completion or is ready to be rolled out and launched in the near future".

The piece adds: "Alternatively, the dry-dock may be there for rail alignment adjustment with those on the quay, as no submarine is known to have been launched from this location as of yet."

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