Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland considering FORCING people to wear masks in shops

Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland considering FORCING people to wear masks in shops

June 4, 2020

NICOLA Sturgeon has admitted Scotland is considering forcing people to wear masks in shops.

The Scottish First Minister today revealed the plan was under consideration as it could help protect others around those in face coverings.

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Speaking at her daily press conference, Ms Sturgeon admitted the science was not conclusive, but that masks could make things safer in enclosed spaced.

She explained: “I said when we announced the policy that we would keep it under review, we have not reached a final decision on this.

“But it’s fair to say this is something we are considering.

“I understand why people might not want to wear face coverings, it’s not the most comfortable thing to do.

“The scientific evidence on this is not overwhelming but there is a benefit to be had if you wear a face covering in an enclosed space where physical distancing is a bit more difficult.

“There is some evidence that wearing a face covering can protect someone else.”

Ms Sturgeon said there was "some evidence" that wearing a face covering in enclosed spaces such as shops could make a difference.

She added: "I really want to strongly encourage people if you haven't already been doing it, or if you have started to do it and found it uncomfortable and haven't continued, please consider this very carefully.

"We want to ensure we are doing everything we can to reduce the risks of transmission."

The news will spark speculation Britain is considering its own rules on mask wearing.

This week a major study claimed face masks can slash the risk of catching Covid by more than four-fifths.

Experts say the findings suggest universal uptake could allow Brits to safely “resume normal activities” and “protect people in crowded settings”.

The Lancet report also found staying more than two metres away from others when outside halves the chances of catching the bug, compared to a one metre gap.

Researchers looked at 44 related studies involving nearly 26,000 people that had caught either Covid, Sars and Mers.

The analysis, commissioned by the World Health Organisation to inform their guidance, shows just three per cent of those wearing a mask were infected.

It compares with 17 per cent of those who had no face protection at all.

Last month, ministers urged all Brits to use home-made facemasks when shopping or using public transport, but did not make it compulsory.
Another study warned couples should mask up to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The intimacy involved in sex is likely to give you coronavirus if your partner has it, experts say.

Harvard University has conducted a study into the safest way to have corona-sex if you're worried your partner may have covid-19.

In the shock finding, abstinence (no sex at all) was found to be the safest sexual position, followed by masturbation, but things like corona-kissing will spread the virus like wildfire.



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