NHS workers join anti-vax Facebook group that claims coronavirus vaccine is a 'poison' to be 'unleashed' on the world

NHS workers join anti-vax Facebook group that claims coronavirus vaccine is a 'poison' to be 'unleashed' on the world

November 16, 2020

HUNDREDS of NHS workers have joined an anti-vax Facebook group claiming the coronavirus vaccine is a "poison" set to be "unleashed" on the world.

Nearly 300 NHS staff and care home workers have joined the group 'NHS Workers for Choice, No Restrictions for Declining a Vaccine,' which opposes vaccinations, wearing masks and testing in hospitals.

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They include a GP, accident and emergency nurses, healthcare assistants, lab workers, and private and public care home staff, The Times reports.

Members of the group have shared letters and legal advice on how to avoid wearing a mask in hospitals, how to decline testing and even how to get out of the track-and-trace system.

The group says it is not an anti-vaccine group and is there to support healthcare workers, but The Times found posts declaring the Pfizer-BionTech coronavirus vaccine was a new frozen virus, similar to smallpox, to be “unleashed” on the world.

Members also reportedly compared the vaccine to “poison”.

One member who works in a GP’s surgery, reportedly said she would rather quit than help with a vaccination programme.

Another wrote: “NHS staff gone — all sick and old will be gone. NHS gone. Population under reconstruction. Welcome to the new world order.”


When asked about the group this morning, health secretary Matt Hancock called its message "entirely inappropriate".

He told Times Radio: "Being opposed to vaccinations where they have been through the rigorous safety processes is entirely inappropriate.

"And I wouldn't advise it for anybody, because we don't propose, and allow vaccines in this country, unless they pass some of the most stringent safety requirements in the world.

"Getting a vaccine – whether it's for flu or hopefully for coronavirus – is something that not only protects you but protects the people around you. So it's a really important step."

Being opposed to vaccinations where they have been through the rigorous safety processes is entirely inappropriate.

He added: "The whole of medicine is the story of advances that are based on science and vaccines are one of the most important advances based on science in the history of medicine.

"And other than clean water have probably saved more lives than anything else in the history of humanity.

"That's what the science tells us, and I think that we should be guided by that science."

His comments come after the NHS suspended some of its workers for promoting misinformation about the pandemic.

Kate Shemirani, was suspended from the register by the Royal College of Nursing in July, claiming the coronavirus pandemic is a plot to kill off swathes of the population.

And Mohammed Iqbal Adil, a surgeon who said that Covid-19 was a hoax, was suspended by the General Medical Council in July.

Michael Fitzpatrick, a GP and trustee of the charity Sense About Science, said: “It is saddening, though perhaps not surprising, that a small number of health professionals are giving their support to the anti-vax campaign.

"No doubt there will now be demands for disciplinary measures . . . These should be resisted . . . in the face of the challenges of the pandemic we need more public discussion and debate, not less.”

Meanwhile, the Labour party has called on the government to “bring forward legislation that would include financial and criminal penalties for companies that fail to act to stamp out dangerous anti-vaccine content”.

The ‘Anti-Covid-Vaxers’

The following people have spoken out against the coronavirus vaccine…

Dr Julie Coffey

Julie Coffey, A Sheffield GP, is said to be one of the leaders of the NHS Workers group.

She has said that coronavirus vaccines are being rushed through at high speed and safety checks are out the window.

She has reportedly shared information from anti-vaccination groups on the anti-vax Facebook group adding that she tried to avoid wearing a mask in shops.

Piers Corbyn
The older brother of ex Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, has been arrested five times while campaigning against what he calls the “plandemic”.

The 73-year-old believes Covid-19 is a “hoax” and founded the group No New Normal.

He told The Times: “This vaccine is experimental and the vaccine producers have no liability on sickness or death. The whole thing is one of the main motives of the new world order [a conspiracy theory hypothesizing a secret totalitarian global government].”

“The only purpose [of the vaccine] is to control people and make billions of pounds for Bill Gates.”

He recently spoke at anti-lockdown rallies attended by thousands in Trafalgar Square, in London.

Kate Shemirani
The ex nurse was suspended by the Nursing and Midwifery Council over her statements about the supposed dangers of vaccines and 5G technology. 

Ms Shemirani, 54, from east Sussex, has likened coronavirus restrictions to Nazi atrocities. In her speeches, she tells audiences that the vaccine will “hijack the protein machinery in your cells”.

Dr Mohammad Adil
Mohammad Adil, a locum consultant surgeon who worked for the NHS for more than 30 years, has been suspended by the General Medical Council for 12 months after uploading YouTube videos which dismiss the pandemic as a hoax.

Dr Adil, 61, suggested that vaccines have caused autism and infertility.

Fiona Hine
The former events manager raised £4,500 to organise an anti-lockdown rally in London.

Police searched her home, fined her £10,000 and detained her.

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