New phallus sculpture appears in Bavarian mountains

New phallus sculpture appears in Bavarian mountains

December 3, 2020

Police hunting for missing 6ft wooden penis are baffled after even BIGGER phallic sculpture appears its place in Bavarian Alps

  • The new, slightly larger carving was discovered in the Bavarian Alps on Thursday
  • The original 6ft sculpture had been there for years but it vanished last weekend
  • Police were investigating but the owner of the first one has yet to come forward 

A new giant sculpture of a penis has appeared on a mountainside in the Bavarian Alps, just days after another phallic monument mysteriously vanished.  

In the latest twist in a bizarre saga, the new, larger carving was discovered on Thursday, propped up by wooden beams, on the same Gruenten mountain where the older one had previously stood. 

The original 6ft sculpture had appeared on the slopes of the 5,700ft mountain several years ago and had become regarded as a ‘cultural monument’. 

It toppled over several weeks ago, only to be erected again, but last weekend it vanished again with only a pile of sawdust left behind.  

A wooden sculpture of a penis stands on the slopes of the Gruenten mountain in the Bavarian Alps today, days after a similar artwork disappeared nearby 

Unknown people appear to have replaced the original artwork with a new one, but who they were or why they did it is not yet clear.  

Police were investigating the disappearance of the first sculpture, Bavarian police spokesman Holger Stabik said earlier this week. 

But detectives were unsure whether any crime had been committed, because it was not clear who even created the giant penis or put it there in the first place. 

Whoever owned the original sculpture had not yet made contact to say it belonged to them, police told local media on Thursday.  

‘This might not be our leading hypothesis, but it could be the owner who sawed it off to get it back,’ Stabik said. 

Missing: This 6ft sculpture of a penis, a popular tourist attraction in the Bavarian Alps, has mysteriously disappeared from the mountainside 

The original giant phallus had stood nearly six feet tall in the Alpine village of Rettenberg. 

‘Someone must have sawn it off during the night,’ a local woman told the Allgaeuer Zeitung newspaper. 

The sculpture already made headlines in Germany a few weeks ago when it had to be ‘re-erected’ after being knocked from its pedestal.

The mayor of Rettenberg said it was a ‘great pity’ to lose an unusual ‘cultural monument’ that had helped make the region so popular.

The artwork is also described as a ‘cultural monument’ on Google Maps.

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