New Jersey coronavirus patient thinks he caught it at Times Square hotel

New Jersey coronavirus patient thinks he caught it at Times Square hotel

March 9, 2020

A New Jersey medical worker who was the state’s first coronavirus patient believes he contracted the illness at a Times Square hotel last weekend, according to a new report.

James Cai, a 32-year-old physician’s assistant, told news station WCBS that he thinks he caught the bug while attending a medical conference at a hotel in the Crossroads of the World.

Cau said he first visited an urgent-care clinic, then went to the emergency room at Hackensack University Medical Center, where he’s remained since Tuesday, according to the outlet.

“It happened so quick,” Cai told the outlet. “The virus is everything. Diarrhea, watery eyes, shortness of breath, chest pain, you name it. High fever. … Every day is getting worse.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday that a 32-year-old New Jersey health care provider with the virus had visited a Westin hotel in Midtown and the King David Center nursing and rehab facility in Gravesend, Brooklyn, where the worker saw 11 patients. The worker was wearing a mask at the time, the mayor said.

King David confirmed to The Post on Monday that Cai was the worker.

Cai told WCBS he doesn’t agree with some health officials’ advice that face masks are unnecessary.

“A lot of people say, ‘It’s OK, don’t wear masks.’ I don’t believe that,” Cai said.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced Cai’s case Wednesday, saying, “We take this situation very seriously and have been preparing for this for weeks.”

There have since been five other cases reported in the Garden State as more than 550 people have become infected across the county, CNN reported.

Additional reporting by Reuven Fenton

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