My sick dad treated me as his 'wife' & repeatedly raped me – he even stopped me taking birth control to have his kids | The Sun

My sick dad treated me as his 'wife' & repeatedly raped me – he even stopped me taking birth control to have his kids | The Sun

July 10, 2022

SANDRA Goler was 14 when she began crying after being sent out of class by a teacher who became fed up with her not paying attention.

Asked what was wrong, she blurted out to the stunned teacher that her dad treated her as his wife, repeatedly raped her and even stopped her taking birth control so he she could have his child.

Sandra began to open about the hideous abuse she suffered at the hands of dad William, which began when she was just nine, lifting the lid on a family whose depraved way of life shocked Canada.

Evil Goler was head of an incest blighted family described as a “hillbilly sex ring”, which lived in an isolated mountain community far from prying eyes.

Thirteen adults from the notorious clan were eventually jailed after being found guilty of 100 charges of incest and other sexual offences with children aged between six and 14.

William, his common law wife Wanda Wiston and his brother Tom, along with other male and female members of the family, were among those convicted.


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Their story mirrors that of the Colts – dubbed the world's most inbred family – in which patriarch Tim Colt an "incest" farm in Australia where he raped his daughters with his sons and fathered their children.

The story of Goler clan was told in the bestselling book ‘On South Mountain’, which reveals the heartbreaking moment Sandra lifted the lid about what had happened to her.

After the teacher had hesitantly asked Sandra what was wrong, she replied that her father had been “doing her”.

“You know…using me…like his wife. F***** me," she said.

The book details how child protection workers were immediately called with one, Dale Germaine, assigned to interview Sandra in January 1984.

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She told of William "doin, ‘f****, and screwing" her since she was nine or ten, says the book.

Because the abuse had gone on so long, Sandra couldn’t remember exactly how many times they had sex but estimated it to be "fifteen or twenty times a month".

But while the dates had all blended into one, Sandra was adamant of one thing: “I don’t want to be used as wife no more.”

Sandra was immediately taken into care and police began looking into her allegations.

One of the investigating officers, Corporal Baxter Upsall from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, believed there was more to her story than she was letting on.

He was experienced in investigating incest so he also began to question Sandra more.

She told the officer that William had forbidden her from using birth control because he wanted her to have his child.

I don’t want to be used as wife no more

But from her answers, Upsall also concluded there was more going on in the family so decided him and a colleague had to question Sandra’s sisters Donna and Lisa, who were also taken into care.

Despite their gruff appearance, social workers were surprised about how sensitive Upsall and his colleague were with the girls, including winning their trust with trips to buy burgers.

One day after answering questions for an hour Donna suddenly fell silent then stared at the policeman and social worker and began to speak.

“He done me too. I don’t want him doing Lisa no more,” she said.

Her words began two days of questioning that lifted the lid on the horrendous incest that existed in the family.

William Goler not only had sex with his daughters but also his sisters four daughters aged from five to 12.

Sandra and Donna also told of how he sexually assault his nephews, aged nine and 14.


Soon William Goler had been arrested and initially denied any wrongdoing though he hired an expensive lawyer, despite not having much money.

He was revealed to have ruled his family with rod of iron, once slamming the boot of his car onto Sandra’s fingers as a punishment.

Twenty people were crammed into house – aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, and brothers and sisters.

The family’s life was one of abject squalor with rubbish piled up in rooms until the stench became so overwhelming the kids were ordered to clean it out.

Eventually questioning led to more adults being implicated in abuse and the other children being taken into care.

Two years later the case came to court where Donna revealed William allowed family members to have sex with its children in return for beer or cigarettes.

When the authorities began digging into their past, it was found incest had been a way of life for over 100 years.

The prosecutor described the case as “something out of the movie Deliverance” – which famously depicted in breeding in the deep south of America.

Decades of inbreeding had taken its toll on the family and their defence lawyer Bob Levy told Canadian TV the family were “on another planet” and “borderline retarded”.

Their intelligence levels were in the “bottom one or two per cent” of society, he said.

William Goler was jailed for seven years for incest, gross indecency and buggery.

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The family’s 12 children were sent for adoption to families to begin new lives with new identities and were reportedly making good progress.

Donna went on to campaign for the rights of abused children and for a change in the law so that the young relatives of paedophiles can never be left alone with them.

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