My mother-in-law got tattoo of our newborn baby’s name – but it hasn't gone to plan | The Sun

My mother-in-law got tattoo of our newborn baby’s name – but it hasn't gone to plan | The Sun

June 30, 2022

A NEW mother has told of her "nightmare" after her mother-in-law tattooed the baby boy's name on her arm too soon.

The mum, took to Mumsnet to describe the "awkward" situation.

"We have just had a baby, two weeks ago, MIL [mother-in-law] immediately tattooed baby boy's name on her arm," the user dilterry wrote in the post.

After the birth, a family member pointed out the name the couple had chosen for their son "sounds like a certain body part that is less than ideal".

She explained: "We have since had a change of heart re. the name… What a nightmare!"

The mum went on to explain that the couple "didn't ask her to", adding that they had no clue grandmother had any plans to get tattooed.


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"It's not massive but its right near her wrist, and has its own area, there's no mistaking its there!"

"It's obviously really sweet of her to do it so that's not the problem it's more just now we don't want to call him that."

She added: "I feel awful! How on earth do we handle this? I'm really trying to talk myself into keeping the name, but it doesn't sit right…

"I cant handle this level of awkward, I'm really not good with stuff like this."

The post attracted a flurry of comments from other Mumsnet users willing to help.

"Can you use that as the middle name so she can just add the "new" first name to the front?" ScamOrNoScam suggested.

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"I agree with [the] suggestion to keep it as a middle name- you liked it enough so maybe it will work better as a middle? She could then add his name to the tattoo.

"To be honest she was a bit premature to do it after only two weeks but I definitely would not want to upset my MIL so I’d try to find a compromise," Vallmo47 said.

IncompleteSenten, meanwhile, proposed another solution: "She can have laser removal or a cover up."

"Or suggest MIL gets a pet and uses the name?!," Littlebirdyouaresosweet wrote.

Other users encouraged the new mum not to worry too much.

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"It's really not your problem, to be honest. It was entirely her decision, and not something most people would do.

"You're entirely within your rights to change your minds, it's still very early days and you're only getting to know him."

User WingingItSince1973 also said: "If you want to change his name then do so. It's not your fault she rushed out and had it (weirdly) tattooed onto her body.

"He's your baby and his name will be his for life. She can get her tattoo altered or use that name as a middle one but only if you want to."

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