My baby Atlas is humongous at 10 months – trolls call me a ‘bad mum’ but I love his rolls & I don’t care | The Sun

My baby Atlas is humongous at 10 months – trolls call me a ‘bad mum’ but I love his rolls & I don’t care | The Sun

March 5, 2023

A MUM whose baby boy was a whopping 2 stone at just 10 months old says cruel trolls branded her a bad mum despite his healthy diet.

Nabille Mchugh, 33, gave birth to a 7lb 14oz baby in January 2020 but by 10-month-old the tot had ballooned to 32lbs and he was wearing clothes for kids double his age. 

Gorgeous little Atlas has become a social media star on his mum’s TikTok channel with over 120,000 followers and has thousands of fans who “loves his rolls”.

Despite his videos getting millions of views and from adoring admirers, Nabille says she was targeted by cruel trolls who claimed she must be feeding him Mcdonald's.

But little did they know that the bouncing baby boy was on a breast milk-only diet and doctors had no concerns about his size. 

The 31-year-old mum from Colorado, told The Sun: “I think the most hurtful comments were comments towards him like “poor baby look what you’re doing to him” or “he’ll have diabetes by the time he’s two.”


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“That I couldn’t handle.

“Some people would say I fed him McDonald’s as a baby or he should be in a McDonald’s ad, it was ridiculous.

 “As many times as I would say he’s only breastfed people don’t care they just wanna comment to comment. 

“They would call me a bad mom because I was setting him up for disease like they knew my life or something. Again…even after clarifying multiple times he only drank breastmilk.  

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When asked how she coped with negative comments, she added: “I just blocked a lot of people. 

“I stopped posting for a while because it really made me feel hopeless when I just was so proud of my healthy big baby. 

“I was new to that kind of public attention so it took me a minute to realise that’s what happens unfortunately and I just ignored the trolls. 

“Eventually other followers would take care of them I didn’t have to communicate with any negativity.”

Her little boy’s size increased so rapidly that Nabille was constantly buying new clothes for the ever-growing tot. 

She told The Sun: “I would have to buy bigger clothes every week because he would grow out of them. 

“He didn’t fit in the jumper for too long because his thighs were so thick. I felt bad when he would get stuck in it and it was a team effort to get him back out.”

25 weeks into her pregnancy, midwives told Nabille to expect a big baby and advised her against a natural birth as his head was 2cm larger than average. 

Atlas was born via c-section weighing a reasonable 7lbs 14oz but Nabille believes her son is already taking after his dad Tyler, whose a tall 6ft2.

At six months old, Atlas was in the 99th percentile, the highest end of a scale used to measure babies, meaning he was severely obese. 

By the time he was ten months old, he was 32lbs – nearly a stone heavier than the average size of a child that age. 

His mum says doctors never raised any concerns about the tot because he was getting the right amount of nutrients through his milk diet. 

The mum-of-two said: “They[doctors] never were concerned. The nurses at his pediatrician loved him! 

“They’d call each other when we took him just so they could come give him hugs. They said he’s a big cuddly baby full of rolls but nothing beyond that. 

“They said they weren’t worried about overfeeding since he was exclusively breastfed.”

Now at two years old, Atlas’ gorgeous rolls are less visible but his mum says he’s still a large toddler for his age. 

Fans on his mum’s TikTok channel commented: “His little cheeks omg. 

Another added: “Does butter come with those rolls? He’s so precious!”

Nabille said: “He eats all day long but tiny bits. Snacks here and there. He LOVES Nutri-grain bars and eggs he could live off of those if possible. 

“…He’s losing weight now that he’s a more active toddler.”


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