Money Mavens: 5 Black Women Leaders In Finance

Money Mavens: 5 Black Women Leaders In Finance

April 6, 2022

Let’s be honest—the financial services industry is not diverse.

All of the ‘isms are still prevalent in the sector: racism, sexism, ageism among others, so it’s worth applauding when Black women rise up the ranks of leadership. In fact, of the financial industry’s C-suite positions only 4% of those seats are filled by Black women.  Outside of underrepresentation in leadership, there is a larger conversation to be had around the need for pay parity and equity in the Black community compared to other groups.  

In 2020, The Washington Post reported the wealth gap between Black and white Americans in this country is just as large as it was in 1968. This is particularly concerning since it was found that Black are the sole breadwinners in most US households, which means they are working harder, yet still being left behind. Amid the expanding wealth inequality in the U.S., numerous Black women around the country are making major strides toward a more financially literate future.

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