Moment drug dealers open fire in Denver in FRONT of dozens of cops

Moment drug dealers open fire in Denver in FRONT of dozens of cops

June 13, 2023

Shocking moment brazen drug dealers open fire in Denver in FRONT of dozens of cops who were out in force to patrol wild celebrations after Nuggets NBA win – as two are taken into custody

  • Ten were injured in the shooting on Market Street in Denver last night 
  • Police say they don’t know why the gunmen feel so ’emboldened’  

The shooting that sparked chaos during the celebrations of the Nuggets’ historic NBA win in Denver last night stemmed from a drug deal gone wrong – and was in plain sight of dozens of police officers. 

Ten people were wounded when the gunmen opened fire on Market Street at around 12.30am. 

Many are presumed to be involved in the drug deal. 

There were dozens of police officers in the vicinity when the shooting unfolded last night

Riot police who were on the scene to patrol the crowds quickly arrested those involved. Many were injured and required hospital treatment 

The scene of the shooting. Crowds immediately dispersed and riot police gathered together before chasing down the suspect

In total, 20 shots were fired from multiple firearms, sending terror through the crowd of hundreds of basketball fans who had stayed out to party in the wake of the historic win. 

Raoul Jones, 33, was one of those arrested

All of those who were shot are expected to make full recoveries and two men have been taken into custody. 

They are 22-year-old Ricardo Vasquez, who fled on foot after the initial shooting, and 33-year-old Raoul Jones. 

He was found in a car near the shooting with others who have not yet been charged. 

Police say the shooting was nothing to do with the basketball result and that the incident has a ‘drug’ and ‘gang nexus.’

‘There were quantities of cash, a large amount of cash and a several bags of fentanyl. 

‘A  collection of individuals engaged in some fashion.. you see an altercation at the tail end, shots were exchanged.’ 

At a press conference, Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas lamented the boldness of the thugs. 

‘I can’t speak to why they felt emboldened enough to engage in that behavior very near to where officers were gathered. 

Police say several bags of fentanyl were found at the scene of the shooting 

Crime scene units work on Market Street after a shooting left nine people injured. The suspect opened fire while some basketball fans were still celebrating last night’s Nuggets win 

In addition to the shooting suspect, one other person was arrested last night for fighting 

It illustrates the challenge we have in our community. 

‘[The cops] mere presence didn’t stop the incident from occurring,’ he said. 

Thousands of people had flocked to the center of Denver to celebrate the Nuggets’ win last night. 

Before the shooting, other revelers climbed street lights and traffic lights in celebration. 

Aside from those involved in the shooting, there was only one other arrest.  

Owner Stan Kroenke celebrates with the Larry O’Brien Trophy after winning Game Five of the 2023 NBA Finals against the Miami Heat on June 12, 2023 at Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado

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