Model wins £200,000 payout for bad HAIRCUT after chop left her a wreck

Model wins £200,000 payout for bad HAIRCUT after chop left her a wreck

September 24, 2021

A PROFESSIONAL hair model has won almost £200,000 (20 million rupees) after a disastrous chop left her an emotional wreck.

Aashna Roy, 42, who had worked for brands such as Pantene, previously had long hair but a botch job left her with an unwanted short crop and burns to her scalp.

In 2018, she went to one of Delhi’s top salons, the Maurya Sheraton Hotel and asked the staff to trim four inches with flicks around the face.

During Roy's haircut, she was asked to take off her high-powered glasses, but when she put them back on, she noticed her hair had been cut way too short.

After complaining to the salon manager, matters escalated right up to the CEO of ITC Hotels until they offered her a free hair extension and treatment.

But afterwards, Roy complained the excess ammonia in the treatment damaged her scalp and hair, and she left the salon with dry, hard hair.

She also claimed that besides the irritation and trauma this caused her, she found the hotel staff "abusive, rude and disrespectful”.

The model then told the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) about the matter where she was awarded compensation for the mental trauma and jeopardised career prospects due the haircut.

The court heard she was so embarrassed that she stopped looking in the mirror, avoided friends and lost work.

The 'trim' led to Roy having “a severe mental breakdown and trauma”, losing assignments and income, along with her dream of becoming a top model.

The commission said it was awarding 20 million rupees (about £197,900) for emotional and professional damage.

The court underscored that Roy had done modelling assignments for hair products and beauty clinics because of her long hair.

One woman recently shared her tragic hair salon trip on TikTok as she asked for ombré hair but got a choppy bob instead.

Jamie posted the video to her TikTok, jaimeeemilyy, which has been viewed over 1 million times.

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