MMF says province failed to consult them on new child welfare plan

MMF says province failed to consult them on new child welfare plan

February 22, 2019

The province’s recent decision to change Child and Family Services funding has Manitoba Indigenous leaders speaking out.

Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand met with Families Minister Heather Stefanson Thursday at the Manitoba Legislature to discuss the provinces new block funding model for Manitoba child welfare agencies.

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The new funding announced Feb. 11 will see four regional authorities be given a set amount of money to hand out among the 24 agencies responsible for child welfare.

This change will eliminate the process of agencies being handed money based on the amount of children in care.

Chartrand says the changes weren’t discussed with his Leadership Council before it was made.

“The Pallister government has failed their legislated commitment to the Leadership Council to work with us on decision that affect our children and families,” Chartrand said in a press release.

According to the Federation, 90 per cent of children in care in Manitoba are Indigenous, a statistic that Chartrand says proves the council should have been made aware of the changes.

“We need this government to tell us do they believe in the Leadership Council. Do they respect the Metis Government? Are they going to include us in these discussions,” Chartrand told Global News.

When the new funding model was announced earlier this month, Families Minister Heather Stefanson said the change will let agencies spend more on family support and prevention measures, instead of providing an incentive to seize children.

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