Missing high school senior Madison Bell found safe a week after she vanished before graduation – The Sun

Missing high school senior Madison Bell found safe a week after she vanished before graduation – The Sun

May 23, 2020

MADISON Bell, the Ohio high school senior who vanished last weekend, has been found safe, authorities said Saturday morning.

The 18-year-old disappeared on Sunday hours before her graduation ceremony when she told her mother she was going tanning.

The Highland County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook that Bell "has been located and is safe."

Investigators had released a picture of a man who may have had information about Bell, and the sheriff's office is asking for help in their efforts to identify him.

Bell's car was found in a church parking lot in Ohio, with her phone and wallet still inside.

A church employee told investigators they saw a white four-door sedan in the church parking lot that Sunday morning, WGN reported.

The vehicle stood out to the parishioner because there were no services held that day due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The employee believes the car had California license plates and said he saw a while male near it.

The new information surfaced hours after Gov Mike DeWine shared Madison's picture and information at a statewide news conference.

Bell's family said she was last seen on Sunday morning as she left to go to a tanning salon near Greenfield.

After the McClain High School senior didn't return, her loved ones became worried.

"We saw her car parked in this church parking lot," Madison's mother, Melissa Bell, told WHIO.

"The windows are up, we open the door, her phone is laying in it, her keys in the ignition, the change is in the container she had. The car was left unlocked.

"She would never leave her car unlocked, she would never leave her phone in there," her mother insisted.

There was no sign of Madison nearby, and police do not believe she made it to her tanning appointment.

"There’s been reports from witnesses that there was a tall, white man, late 20s to early 30s that they saw there," Melissa told WKRC of the suspect at large.

A plea was sent out to truck drivers to be on the lookout for a white sedan with California plates, the Highland County Press reported.

Sheriff Donnie Barrera told WHIO it does not look like there was a struggle at the missing teen's vehicle – but police are investigating multiple scenarios in the teen's disappearance.

Her family and friends, distraught, are hoping for the teen's safe return.

"She’s the most loving girl I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean, I can’t even explain it… I just want her to come home," Cody Mann, Madison's boyfriend of five years who lives with the family told Fox19.

Madison is described as standing 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and weighing 120 to 125 pounds.

She has brown hair and brown eyes, and a cross tattoo on her neck.

The teen also has a ghost tattoo on her side, and wears gray contact lenses.

Anyone with information related to Bell's disappearance is asked to contact the Highland County Sheriff's Office at 937-393-1421 or the Ross County Sheriff's Office at 740-773-1185.

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