Missing California mother's family has a 'good meeting' with Chula Vista police ahead of update Wednesday

Missing California mother's family has a 'good meeting' with Chula Vista police ahead of update Wednesday

May 19, 2021

4 months since Maya Millete last seen

‘Fox & Friends First’ co-host Jillian Mele sits down with Maya’s family as they and dozens of others press police to push the case forward.

The family of Maya Millete met with Chula Vista police Tuesday, more than four months after the missing mother of three disappeared from her home without a trace. 

Richard Drouaillet, Maya’s brother-in-law, told Fox News the meeting went well and that the family is “glad we were able to restore the communication issue and built trust with CVPD.”

A spokesman for CVPD said they will release an update to the public on their investigation Wednesday. So far, they have served at least 24 search warrants, interviewed 56 witnesses, and reviewed 55 tips related to Maya’s disappearance. CVPD has also partnered up with the FBI, NCIS and San Diego County District Attorney in the investigation. 

Maya Millete disappeared on Jan. 7 from the home that she shares with her husband, Larry Millete. 
(Maricris Drouaillet)

Most recently, Chula Vista police used Border Patrol K-9s to search Larry Millete’s home on May 7, where he has been staying with the couple’s three children, aged 4, 9 and 11. 

Police were at the home for hours and could be seen carrying boxes into a lab van that was parked in the driveway. 

Two days before that search, a gun violence restraining order was served against Larry Millete that alleged he is in possession of “illegal assault weapons and unregistered firearms.”

The May 5 restraining order, obtained by CBS8, cited a picture that allegedly shows the Milletes’ 4-year-old son “standing on the table surrounded by the same cache of legal and illegal firearms and ammunition.”

That photo, which also depicted four United States passports and a government identification card, was allegedly taken on Jan. 9, two days after Maya Millete vanished from her Chula Vista home. 

Larry Millete previously told Fox News that his guns are a “collection,” not a cache, and accused CVPD of infringing on his 2nd amendment rights. He did not respond to questions about whether or not the guns are illegal. 

Maya Millete is the mother of three children, aged 4, 9 and 11. 
(Richard Drouaillet)

On the day of her disappearance, Jan. 7, Larry Millete told ABC10 that he had a big fight with Maya, who had made an appointment with a divorce attorney for the following week. 

Maricris Drouaillet, Maya’s older sister, has been searching non-stop with the rest of Maya’s family, friends, and supporters since she went missing. 

“We will never give up. We will never lose hope. We will bring Maya home,” Maricris said at a rally outside Chula Vista police headquarters earlier this month. “We will find Maya. We will get answers for her three beautiful children.”

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