Michael Jackson will be accused of child sex abuse in US court AGAIN – and it's likely to be televised

Michael Jackson will be accused of child sex abuse in US court AGAIN – and it's likely to be televised

January 13, 2020

MICHAEL Jackson will be accused of sexually abusing children once again in US court – and it's likely to be televised, The Sun can reveal.

His two accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck have vowed to tell all about how the King of Pop allegedly groomed, molested, raped and manipulated them for years while they were kids.

Their attorney, Vince Finaldi confirmed: "All they’ve ever wanted is their day in court.”

Multiple US broadcast networks and online news websites are hoping to air the case live, without censorship, once the trial begins.

Under US law, a judge will decide whether the trial can be aired on TV.

The dead star's estate faces the new multi million dollar trial following a landmark new legal ruling in the US.

In an extraordinary move, the two accusers, who detailed the alleged abuse on controversial documentary Leaving Neverland, were officially given a green light to once again demand millions over their allegations he molested them.

The pair's first bid failed due to a legal issue that stated abuse cases could only be considered at the latest eight years after the alleged abuse.

But earlier this month, California's Appeal Court applied a new rule to revive the lawsuit against Jackson's former businesses, following the state governor Gavin Newsom's agreement to extended the former eight-year limit for sex abuse cases to 22 years.

Wade and James will now attempt to sue the star, who died in 2009, once more.

A source connected to the Jackson estate told The Sun: "Several TV networks and online companies will apply to allow cameras into the courtroom – and there is a good likelihood their request will be granted.

"What viewers saw Wade and James speak about on the TV show Leaving Neverland is just a fraction of what is expected to be discussed once this gets to trial.

"Sadly every allegation, every accusation, moment and disturbing claim that they have made on that TV show will be delved into in detail.

"Their legal team plan to paint their picture of Michael our as a molester to the jury. It will be a devastating portrayal by those two men as they are desperate to tell the world in court what they allege about Michael.

"Under US law the media can apply to broadcast the case live and it will be the judge's decision. Now that the two men appeared in Leaving Neverland, there would be no reason not to have it aired.

"The estate will fight it all the way. They have maintained that these allegations are false and that the men want to make money – a jury will decide that.

"But to have the world watching will certainly have an impact on Michael's legacy."

The source continued: "This trial will cost millions of dollars to defend for the estate. It is a worrying time for them given that they have done so much to solidify the legacy of Michael and turn his assets into a billion dollar business, setting up his children for life.

"If they lose this case, who knows what awaits. The victims could be paid huge sums – tens of millions – should they win the case."

The legal decision also comes after years of failed attempts for justice for Wade specifically, who in 2013 sued the Michael Jackson estate and associated businesses MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, alleging he was molested for seven years by Jackson.

The case lasted two years, before the court ruled in 2015 that the statute of limitations had expired.

Their lawyer Finaldi said that both the dismissals are indeed being reversed, and that the cases will be sent back to the trial courts, where they will follow the standard litigation and then trial procedure.

He said “The question is whether these kids were abused or not.

“That’s a factual question that a judge cannot decide, it has to be sent to a jury if you’ve requested a jury trial.”

Jackson estate attorney Howard L. Weitzman has always claimed that the two accusers were not truthful.

After the 2015 ruling, the Michael Jackson estate was dropped from the initial suit.

In 2017, a judge dismissed the remaining suit against MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures claiming they should not be held accountable for any charges of sex assault against the singer.

Jackson's family has always denied the allegations and branded the two accusers as "liars"

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