Michael Cohen Could Receive ‘Substantial’ Prison Term If Federal Prosecutors Get What They Want

Michael Cohen Could Receive ‘Substantial’ Prison Term If Federal Prosecutors Get What They Want

December 8, 2018

Trump’s former attorney faces up to 63 months behind bars. According to documents filed today, he’s more likely to get a 48-month term.

Michael Cohen’s legal team requested that their client receive no prison time based on his cooperation with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, but federal prosecutors have recommended that President Trump’s former attorney be sentenced to at least four years.

Per CNBC, federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York (SDNY) acknowledge that Cohen worked closely with Mueller’s investigation. However, they also wrote that “the sentence imposed should reflect the seriousness of Cohen’s brazen violations of the election law.” This was mentioned in tandem with the statement that “Cohen sought to influence the election from the shadows.”

As Inquisitr previously reported, Robert Mueller’s team filed their own recommendations today. Although Mueller did not suggest a specific prison term, he did cite Michael Cohen’s “substantial cooperation” as a reason to allow concurrent sentencing for the two cases brought by the United States and the SDNY.

Vox recounted the charges Cohen faces in the SDNY case: campaign finance violations, bank fraud, and tax evasion. This is on top of Cohen pleading guilty last week to making false statements to Congress.

Michael Cohen’s guilty plea for campaign finance violations further implicated President Donald J. Trump in a scandal involving hush money payments. Per Cohen, the money was given to at least two women who allegedly had encounters of a sexual nature with Trump before his candidacy. Cohen has repeatedly said that he committed these violations at the request of “Individual 1.” It is widely believed that “Individual 1” is a reference to Trump.

The sentencing documents, which were released a short time ago, contain many other bombshells that are currently being discovered and reported. For example, Daily Kos pointed out that one paragraph says, “in or around November 2015, Cohen received the contact information for, and spoke with, a Russian national who claimed to be a ‘trusted person’ in the Russian Federation who could offer the campaign ‘political synergy’ and ‘synergy on a government level.’”

The documents also allege that the Russian national in question “repeatedly proposed a meeting between Individual 1 and the President of Russia.”

Due to all of these factors, and the many more which will undoubtedly be revealed during the next few days, prosecutors have asked for Cohen to receive a “substantial term of imprisonment.” CNBC’s report also indicated that federal prosecutors were unimpressed with Michael Cohen’s overall efforts to help the prosecution because he “repeatedly declined to provide full information about the scope of any additional criminal conduct in which he may have engaged or had knowledge.”

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