Mexico mayor hired strippers to celebrate Father's Day

Mexico mayor hired strippers to celebrate Father's Day

June 20, 2023

Mexico mayor hired strippers to give lap dances at Father’s Day event, leaving shocked mothers to walk out of auditorium with their children

  • Miguel Villalobos, the mayor of the southern Mexican town of Huehuetán, hosted a Father’s Day party with female strippers on Saturday
  • The event featured live music, a comedy show and a raffle before the hired group of bikini-clad women stepped to the front of the auditorium 
  • Footage filmed by one of the guests showed the women performing a routine and later give lap dances to a group of men  

A Mexican mayor has come under fire for hiring female strippers to perform at a Father’s Day event in the southern town of Huehuetán, which shares a border with Guatemala.

Hundreds of dads turned out Saturday at the municipality’s auditorium where Mayor Miguel Villalobos treated them to live music, a comedy show and a raffle of televisions, fans and microwaves before a group of dancers stepped out.

Footage filmed by one of the attendees shows the strippers – of Central American descent according to El Universal newspaper – performing their routine.

At one point during the raucous celebration, three men were picked out of the crowd and seen lying on the stage floor receiving full body lap dances.

Strippers were hired by the administration of Miguel Villalobos, a mayor in the southern Mexico city of Huehuetán, for a Father’s Day event on Saturday

One of the strippers performs a dance routine for hundreds of men at the event

Mayor Miguel Villalobos has yet to make any statements on his decision to have strippers perform for Father’s Day 

The invite for the controversial event was posted on Villalobos’ Facebook account June 2 and again Friday, and clearly barred women and children from attending. 

‘Tomorrow! Don’t forget, an event just for dads, the day has arrived,’ the mayor’s caption read. 

However, a video of the event that was uploaded Monday to the mayor’s page showed multiple women in attendance. 

Local media outlets reported that there were mothers in the building who were disgusted and walked out with their children while the strippers were performing.

Local feminist organization, 50+1 Collective Chiapas Chapter, condemned the stripper act due to the ‘sexually suggestive dances.’

Female strippers stand over members of the crowd at a Father’s Day event hosted by the mayor of the Mexican town of Huehuetán on Saturday

Mayor Miguel Villalobos (right) greets one of the hundreds of dads who attended the controversial Father’s Day celebration where female strippers were present

‘Father’s Day was conceived to highlight the importance of the father figure in people’s lives, emphasizing his role in the integration and maintenance of the family nucleus,’ the collective said in a statement Monday. 

‘Therefore, it is unfortunate that the (mayor), José Manuel Angel Villalobos, on the occasion of this date, has offered a show that reproduces gender stereotypes, reducing women as sexual objects. Placing women in a place of subordination and reproducing patterns of objectification and domination constitutes symbolic violence.’

The group also called on local officials to receive proper training on gender issues to ensure that women’s rights are not violated.

Mayor Villalobos had not addressed the event as of Tuesday morning. 

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