Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas slams ‘insecure’ Prince Harry and says Meghan ‘mothers him’ – The Sun

Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas slams ‘insecure’ Prince Harry and says Meghan ‘mothers him’ – The Sun

January 29, 2020

THOMAS Markle has slammed Prince Harry in a new interview, calling the Duke "insecure" and appearing to blame him for mounting pressures on Meghan.

Speaking in previews for new FOX show, Harry & Meghan: The Royal Crisis the 75-year-old – who has never met Harry – says Meghan has been forced to "mother" him.

In the exclusive first look shared by Mail Online, the Duchess's estranged dad says: "I think that Harry is a very insecure man and I think that's being shifted on to my daughter…I think she winds up mothering him".

He appears to accuse a "sheltered" Harry for shifting baggage onto his wife, who has admitted she struggles with the copious media attention.

Markle insinuates mum-of-one Meghan, who is three years Harry's senior has had to bear the brunt of emotional responsibility in their marriage.

The 75-year-old has given a series of intimate interviews in recent weeks after admitting talking openly about his rift with his daughter is the only way he sees to heal it.

Markle says he hasn't spoken to Meghan since the eve of her wedding in 2018.

However, he could see her in court as he prepares to be a witness in the legal battle over a letter she wrote to him detailing her heartbreak at their rift.

Her father's interviews follow the couple's bombshell revaluation that they will be stepping back as senior royals earlier this month.

The Queen and Buckingham palace issued statements outlining how, since the royal divorce, the Sussexes will no longer be "working members of the royal family" and will drop their HRH titles.

The couple also plan to become financially independent and have been living in Canada in a luxurious mansion on Vancouver Island since the split.

Harry & Meghan: The Royal Crisis features a number of talking heads discussing moves Harry and Meghan have allegedly made towards the entertainment industry now that they plan to become "independent".

And drawing on Meghan's experience in the entertainment industry, the Sussexes have already built up an extensive group of savvy PR experts to help with their media relations.

Harry was seen awkwardly touting Meghan for a Disney job and the pair attempted to trademark their lucrative Sussex Royal brand earlier this month – but the bid was mysteriously blocked.

In the show, the likes of Piers Morgan and Ryan Seacrest will offer up their opinion on the Sussex's movements.

Seacrest, of Kardashian infamy says: " think that the Kardashian family has built extreme interest in their lives. Obviously there's massive interest in Harry and Meghan".

He adds that he's unsure how much the couple would be willing to share on camera, however.

And despite the cutting remarks, Thomas Markle insists he wishes the Sussexes all the best.

He says: "I hope that they stay together and love each other and take care of their child, my grandson.

"I hope that some day we do get back together but I'm 75 so there isn't a lot of time".

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