Meet Dexter the dog who can walk like a human after horror injury | The Sun

Meet Dexter the dog who can walk like a human after horror injury | The Sun

July 12, 2022

A DOG in Colorado has become a local celebrity thanks to his unique walking method.

The amputee pooch has been described as an inspiration after he developed an adaptive method in the wake of a horror injury.

Who is Dexter the dog?

Dexter the dog became an online phenomenon after a video emerged of the canine walking on its hind legs.

The Bicolor, bipedal Brittany Spaniel lives with his owner in Ouray, Colorado and regularly attracts the attention of local residents.

His celebrity status has seen him star in parades and build a legion of social media followers.

Dexter is now so adorned that many fans even come to the dog’s hometown from across the country just to catch a glimpse of his special skill.

The canine’s owner says she also receives hundreds of letters monthly from followers who claim the dog has been an inspiration and shining light through difficult times.

"I am recovering from intensive radiation treatments for breast cancer and you certainly bring joy to my day," one glowing card read, according to a CBS report.

What happened to Dexter the dog?

Dexter’s owner Kentee Pasek said the dog began walking on his two legs following an accident in 2016.

She said that when a Dexter was a puppy, he escaped the back yard, ran into traffic and got hit by a car.

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In the collision he lost one front leg, while the other was badly damaged.

After receiving equipment including a wheelchair, the dog began developing the walking technique as he adapted to his new injuries.

One day his owner recalled her shock when the dog managed to climb several stairs on his own – filming it all on her phone.

Pasek says Dexter regularly undergoes check-ups at the vets and adds that the adaptive walking method has enabled the dog to stay happy and mobile.

She said she hopes the dog proves to inspire others to “live their best life, regardless of what that looks like.”

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