Man who stashed heroin worth £167k in DOG'S KENNEL is jailed

Man who stashed heroin worth £167k in DOG'S KENNEL is jailed

August 13, 2022

Man, 33, who stashed 1.5kg of heroin worth £167,000 in DOG KENNELS to pay off a debt to drug dealers is jailed for 40 months

  • Man jailed for 40 months for holding 1.5kg of heroin in his dog’s kennel
  • Amar Majid from Darlington told court he was too scared to name drug dealers
  • Heroin has wholesale value of £30-40k and street value of £167,000
  • Defence counsel said ‘vulnerable people are often used’ to stash drugs 

A man who stashed a kilo and a half of heroin in a bag inside dog kennels on behalf of drug dealers to pay off his own debt has been locked up for 40 months.

Amar Majid admitted acting as a warehouseman for the £30-40,000 worth of Class A drugs – street value £167,000 – but denied being responsible for dealing the narcotic saying there was ‘nowt on his phone’.

The 33-year-old was staying at his girlfriend’s Darlington home when police carried out the raid last October.

Teesside Crown Court heard how the defendant was ‘warehousing’ the drugs for someone he was too scared to name in a bid to reduce his own debt.

Peter Sabiston, prosecuting, said officers found the bag of heroin inside a bag hidden in a dog kennel where the defendant kept his dogs at the property on Mossbank Grove, Darlington.

He said the estimated street value of the Class A drug recovered from the scene would be in the region of £167,000 but with a wholesale, bulk value of £30-40,000.

Amar Majid, 33, admitted acting as a warehouseman for the £30-40,000 worth of Class A drugs but denied selling it

Mr Sabiston added: ‘An officer noticed that the defendant was agitated and sweating profusely before being detained.’

Majid, of Belle Vue Grove, Middlesbrough, pleaded guilty to possession of heroin and driving whilst disqualified. A charge of handling stolen goods in relation to the A3 Audi found at the property was allowed to lie on court files.

In a brief outburst during proceedings, Majid shouted: ‘These drugs are nowt to do with me. I’m taking the rap for someone else.’

Defence counsel David Taylor, in mitigation, said his client was correct when he said ‘there’s nowt on my phone’ because he was nothing to do with the actual dealing.

He added: ‘He was warehousing the drug, he was housing it in his run down flat in his dog kennel and in terms of operational function, that was simply his role.

‘That’s what many people are used to do, vulnerable people are often used in that role.’

Recorder Marco Giuliani sentenced Majid for 40 months for his role in the drug supply network.

He said: ‘The police to a house at the back of which had a dog kennel which had your dogs in it. When the kennel was searched the police found 1.5kg of 14 per cent purity heroin.

‘You were also observed to be driving whilst disqualified.’

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