Madonna enjoying 'sexy' workouts with boxer Josh Popper in Portugal

Madonna enjoying 'sexy' workouts with boxer Josh Popper in Portugal

August 19, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Madonna, 65, is enjoying ‘sexy’ workouts with boxer Josh Popper, 29, in Portugal, as friends say he’s whipped ‘smitten’ singer into shape after ICU drama

  • Madonna has been enjoying ‘sexy workouts’ with her boytoy boxing coach  
  • The singer, 65, began dating Josh Popper, 29, in March 
  • Sources told she has fallen head over heels for the hunk

Madonna has been having ‘the time of her life’ with boytoy boxing coach Josh Popper as the two enjoy ‘sexy’ workouts on their vacation in Portugal, sources told 

Since the singer, 65, and her 29-year-old boyfriend begun seeing each other in March, insiders said she has been completely smitten with her new sparring partner.

‘Madonna and Josh are crazy about each other,’ they said. ‘As a boxing coach and fitness pro he’s helping her keep in the best of shape. Their workouts are pretty sexy – if you know what I mean!’ 

Madonna’s latest fitness kick comes over a month after she was rushed to the ICU when she was found unconscious in New York in June. 

The health scare left her family ‘fearing for the worst’ and threatened to derail the start of her upcoming tour in October, but an insider said her infatuation with Popper has put the episode out of her mind. 

‘They’ve been having the time of their life in Portugal,’ they said. ‘She’s celebrating more than her tour.’  

Since they began seeing each other in March, Madonna and Popper have fallen head over heels with each other

The singer sparked concern in March when she was hospitalized, but she has put the health scare behind her as her new sparring partner has worked her into ‘the best of shape’

Insiders said the boxing coach has been enjoying keeping Madonna fit for her upcoming tour, saying that ‘their workouts are pretty sexy – if you know what I mean!’

The couple got together earlier this year, after Popper started training one of Madonna’s children in his New York City gym, Bredwinners. 

Sources told the duo instantly hit it off, and the have now jetted of for a Portugal retreat to celebrate her 65th birthday. 

‘It’s been a long time since she’s felt this comfortable and smitten with someone,’ the insider added, who felt that the fitness enthusiast seems ‘good for her.’ 

Her return to Portugal, where she lived from 2017 to 2020, is reportedly set to last through the weekend, but CMTV columnist revealed that she shunned her status as the Queen of Pop to fly into the European hotspot more modestly. 

‘She landed with about 30 friends from all over the world, on a normal plane because she is an environmentalist, she gave up her private plane a few years ago,’ Silva said. 

The boxing coach has been whipping the Queen of Pop into shape ahead of her upcoming tour

Speaking out: Madonna’s boyfriend took to social media to share an inspirational message after she was rushed to hospital after being found unconscious in New York in June

Popper’s adoration for the 65-year-old was on full display after her medical emergency in March, as he took to Instagram to share an inspirational message for her recovery. 

‘Give yourself permission to live a big life. Step into who you were meant to be. Stop playing small. You are meant for greater things,’ he wrote. 

‘Thank you to my coach @fftstrong, my family, and the Bredwinners team for being by my side.’

While Madonna has been enamored all summer, a family member told at the time that they feared she could lose her life to the illness, which her manager described as a ‘serious bacterial infection.’ 

She was struck by the condition after a rigorous training regimen for her upcoming tour, the relative said the shocking collapse was a wake-up call for the singer.

‘For the past couple of days, no one really knew which direction this was going to turn, and her family was preparing for the worst,’ the relative said, adding that Madonna previously believed she was ‘invincible’. 

‘Everyone believed that we may lose her and that has been the reality of the situation.’ 

Strike a pose: Madonna shared this close up shot on Wednesday, her 65th birthday, telling fans that she was reading all her birthday messages 

The Queen of Pop looked younger than ever in new snaps as she celebrates her birthday in Portugal this week

After months of Popper whipping her into shape, the ‘Like a Virgin’ star wowed fans this week at her 65th birthday bash. 

To celebrate, she took to TikTok to share a video captioned ‘Happy Birthday to me!’ that saw the glowing singer beam with notably smooth skin. 

In true Madonna fashion, things got a little risqué as she lifted her arms to reveal a black lace bra and signature corset underneath a silk top.

Madonna toasted her 65th bash during an intimate dinner in Lisbon on Tuesday night as the clock struck midnight.

In a video shared on social media, the mother-of-six was seen dining with her friends and family as she gave a short speech, declaring: ‘It’s great to be alive!’

Sightings of the icon in public are known to be rare, and before her emergence in Portugal this week she left a fan stunned when they saw her on the streets of New York City. 

‘She looked really good and seemed to be in good spirits,’ a witness told OK! ‘She walked a bit slow, but it looked like she just wanted to get outside for a bit.’ 

The Queen of Pop left fans stunned in June when she stepped out for a rare public sighting, an a witness said she ‘looked really good and seemed to be in good spirits’

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