Libby Squire murderer Pawel Relowicz was secret Peeping Tom who stole underwear & left condom 'calling cards'

Libby Squire murderer Pawel Relowicz was secret Peeping Tom who stole underwear & left condom 'calling cards'

January 24, 2022

FROM the outside, Libby Squire murderer Pawel Relowicz was a dedicated family man with a stunning wife and two adorable children.

But lurking beneath his loving exterior was a secret Peeping Tom who brought fear on those living in Hull.

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The 26-year-old would lurk in the shadows and perform perverted sex acts on himself just metres from young students.

Relowicz, whose own barrister described him as "disgusting", also violated people's home and stole intimate items – including underwear and sex toys.

The fiend even watched unwitting women undress and perv on them as they had sex to indulge his "deviant" sexual fantasies.

He carried out his first offence in July 23, 2017, when he watched a student having sex with her boyfriend.

After poking his head through a window, she was horrified to discover a condom "calling card" left outside her door.

The creep then embarked on an 18-month reign of terror leading up to Libby's death as he carried out sordid acts that left girls scared to go out alone.

Chillingly, Relowicz would even target women in the safety of their own homes and stare through their windows as they got changed – often not breaking his gaze even when caught.

He also cruised the streets and performed sex acts on himself – with two girls traumatised after seeing him with his trousers around his ankles.

‘A man was standing there’ – one victim’s harrowing account

One victim told how she caught the sick pervert peering through her bedroom window in July 2017 as she had sex with her then boyfriend.

Relowicz stood still and held her stare for several moments before finally fleeing when her boyfriend spotted him.

The university student said: "It was quite warm that July and the top window of the bay was open but the curtains were closed.

"I remember looking up while we having sex because the room seemed much lighter than it had been.

"It took me a few seconds to process things because I was sure we had drawn the curtains.

"Then I looked towards the window and saw a shadow. It was then that I realised a man was standing there.

"The main bay window had a net curtain on it but I could see him quite clearly because he had stuck his head through the open top window above the main bay window.

"He had pulled back the main curtains and had one hand on the top window while he was doing something else with his other hand at waist level.

"From where he was, I guessed he must be standing on the outside window ledge.

"He leaned his head forward and I was just in shock. I just thought, 'My God, what the hell is happening?'

"He made proper eye contact with me for what seemed like ages but, with hindsight, was probably only for a few seconds but it was long enough. He seemed to be getting off on just staring straight at me."

In a chilling twist her housemate returned from work hours later to find a used condom on the door handle and a pair of women's knickers on the letterbox.

Cops turned up but, instead of focusing on a sick sex predator on the loose and linking them to other nearby burglaries, they asked about her sexual history.

She added: "I was an emotional wreck afterwards. Even though I had just moved in I considered moving out straight away and I wish I had.

"I had become mildly neurotic. I am quite an anxious person normally but even with the CCTV and all the locks being changed at the house it was really difficult for me to live there.

"I didn't dare open that window again and at night I couldn't bear leaving the room even to go to the toilet. I was that anxious I just held on all night until the morning if I needed to go."

One of his victims was left so tormented by Relowicz's actions she had to delay graduation by a year.

But because he had no previous convictions, his DNA wasn't on the police database – allowing him to embark on his rampage undetected.

In February 2019, his twisted sexual fantasies left 21-year-old Libby Squire dead in a cruel twist of fate.

The student, drunk and vulnerable, had tragically walked away from the "safety" of her front door and into the path of the married dad-of-two as he prowled for a victim.

Shrouded in darkness, he pounced on Libby and bundled her into his car before driving her to a remote playing field.

Once there, the monster raped the student and threw her "dead or dying" in the freezing water of the river Hull.

He then returned home to his family and took a bath while watching porn as Libby's desperate housemates returned home to find she had vanished.

As a frantic search was mounted, Relowicz was arrested on suspicion of abduction five days later.

His home – less than a mile from where Libby was last seen alive – was searched by police, who seized computers and the Vauxhall Astra he used to drive the student to her death.

Horror Halloween masks were found in the boot of the car, as well as bags of stolen underwear and sex toys taken as "trophies in sexually motivated burglaries".

A picture of the fiend soon emerged from his family and friends – including how he had moved to the UK from Poland seven years before.

He then set up a life with his wife and got a job as a butcher in Hull to support her and his two young children.

She was unaware of the monster's dark and twisted fantasies until his arrest as Relowicz told her he was out jogging in the evenings.

She even helped police with their investigations after he was put in the frame.

But Relowicz was dramatically released under investigation and the agonising mystery surrounding Libby's disappearance continued.

To add to the riddle, he was charged in March 2019 – but with a string of sickening sex offences unrelated to Libby.

Just weeks later, the student's body washed up in the Humber Estuary and a murder probe was launched – but justice would have to wait for two more years.

Police defend handling of case

Humberside Police's Professional Standards Department looked into whether the incidents were properly investigated at the time.

The offences were only linked after Relowicz was arrested in connection with Libby's disappearance – a step police said "undoubtedly" prevented him from going on to commit further crimes.

Detective Superintendent Martin Smalley said officers who were not involved in the original investigations were asked to review those cases.

"They were asked to identify whether anything more could have been done to prevent the tragic death of Libby Squire," he said.

"While there were some occasions where forensics were recovered in connection to these previously reported offences, they could not have been connected in a way that would have led us to Pawel Relowicz any earlier.

"I can understand that people are interested to know whether Libby's tragic death could have been prevented.

"It is important to remember that whilst taken as a whole, and with the benefit of hindsight, we may be able to point to a history of offending by Pawel Relowicz, officers investigating these offences at the time were doing so with far less information than we have now and that my investigation into Libby's disappearance had."

In August 2019, Relowicz pleaded guilty at the eleventh hour to four counts of voyeurism, three of burglary and two of outraging public decency.

Judge Jeremy Richardson told him his campaign was one “of sexually deviant criminality" as he jailed him for eight-and-a-half years.

It can now be reported for the first time that his sentence was reduced to five years and eight months at the Court of Appeal in March last year.

It was while he was behind bars that Relowicz was finally charged with Libby's rape and murder in October 2019.

The brute claimed he had consensual sex with the student and "just wanted to help her" in an insult to her loved ones, who were forced to listen as Libby's final moments were revealed in court.

Relowicz constructed an elaborate web of lies as he took to the dock in a hapless bid tried to dupe jurors.

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The dad even said violent sexual intercourse, rape, rough sexual intercourse and the idea of causing pain in sex did not excite him sexually in a bizarre defence.

But thankfully the jury saw through his lies and today convicted him of rape and murder.

Relowicz is now facing a life sentence – finally bringing an end to his reign of terror.

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