Law student dances around airport during four hour wait

Law student dances around airport during four hour wait

January 11, 2019

Law student who missed her flight embraces a four hour wait at the airport by dancing around the terminal- and even her cat joins in

  • Katie Gould missed her flight from Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta Airport yesterday
  • Next flight wasn’t for four hours so law student decided to dance to fill her time
  • Katie and cat Bowie danced around gate waiting area and an information point

A law student who missed her flight decided to make a dance montage to kill time  while waiting for the next one – and there’s even an appearance from her cat.

Katie Gould had to wait for four hours on Thursday but managed to make the most of her time by dancing around Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

In a video posted on Twitter, Katie shimmys, dances like a robot and does the floss in several areas of the airport to the song You Make My Dreams by Daryl Hall and John Oats.

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Katie Gould danced, left, around Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport after she missed her flight yesterday and even got her cat Bowie, right, involved with the moves

The law student smiles throughout the video and laughs as she dances at the gate waiting area

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Some of the clips in the montage even feature Katie’s adorable cat Bowie, who looks slightly confused but pleased at being cradled during the long wait.

His owner enthusiastically busts some moves at gate waiting areas, an information point and even convinces a member of staff to join in with her moves.  

Katie jumps and points her toes in front of shops and spins around on the airport tram’s poles. 

In one clip she smoothly shakes her shoulders as she moves along a surprisingly empty moving walkway.

Towards the end of the montage Katie is seen grooving while having a drink and something to eat, clearly having worked up an appetite after all the dancing. 

Katie even dances on the airport tram, left, and in front of shops, right, for the hilarious video

Katie, right and tapping her foot to the music left, said she’s surprised at the attention to her video on Twitter which has now been viewed more than four million times

Yesterday Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees protested outside Atlanta Airport over the 20th day of a partial government shutdown. 

Dozens of TSA employees rallied outside the Domestic North Terminal as the partial shutdown means they are working without pay, reports Fox 5 Atlanta.

Thousands of people have commented on Katie’s video which has now been watched more than four million times.

One person wrote: ‘The cat made my day. I mean, this whole video was delightful, but the cat cameo was the best part.’ 

Another said: ‘This was awesome to see… When so many view the airport as a place of stress, you turned it into light hearted fun… and Bowie has some great moves.’ 

Katie responded to all the comments saying: ‘I really wasn’t expecting this. I was just bored at the airport and thought I’d laugh at myself and dance a little bit. 

‘I’m so glad so many people laughed along with me. I’m overwhelmed. Thank you all. Plz dance, write, love and create more. Life is too short.’  

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