Lack of snow clearing at Manitoba Housing complex a danger, says resident

Lack of snow clearing at Manitoba Housing complex a danger, says resident

January 9, 2019

The lack of snow clearing at a Manitoba Housing complex is putting her family’s lives in danger, says one Winnipeg woman.

Lisa Cohen told 680 CJOB Tuesday afternoon that a steady decline in the maintenance of the Newdale Avenue complex has led to a frustrating situation.

“We’re having a difficult time getting to and from our house,” she said. “We were having some difficult times getting in and out of the parking lot as well.

“There’s just absolutely no sidewalks available to walk on, so we’re definitely having mobility issues in the entire complex.”

Cohen, who is recovering from knee surgery, says there’s a snow pile almost five feet high obstructing the sidewalk, and the problem is so bad that even delivery drivers have had to turn away from the complex due to difficulty getting their vehicles in to the parking lot.

Lisa Cohen says snow was cleared from the parking lot Tuesday night – and dumped right onto the sidewalk leading to the lot.

Cohen told 680 CJOB she has a daughter with a severe medical condition, and she’s concerned about what might happen if an ambulance needs to be called.

“How would they get someone on a stretcher out of there?”

Although Cohen said her pleas to the property manager have fallen on deaf ears, the province told 680 CJOB in a statement Tuesday that her concerns are being looked into.

“The majority of our snow clearing is contracted out. We have service standards in place with our contractors at Newdale,” said the statement.

“There are areas that are cleared by housing staff, by contractors, by the city, and by tenants themselves. We’re following up in response to the concerns shared with you, however we encourage tenants to contact us first about maintenance and other issues.”

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