Kevin Spacey's brother says actor has 'no conscience' after signing up for pedophile movie in wake of abuse allegations

Kevin Spacey's brother says actor has 'no conscience' after signing up for pedophile movie in wake of abuse allegations

May 29, 2021

KEVIN Spacey has "no conscience" after he signed up to star in a movie about pedophiles in the wake of several sexual abuse allegations against him, his brother has claimed.

Spacey's new film role in L'uomo Che Disegnò Dio or The Man Who Drew God, an Italian crime drama about a man wrongly suspected of child abuse, was announced on Monday.

It is the actor's first movie role since his career was destroyed in 2017 when he faced multiple accusations and lawsuits over alleged sexual misconduct.

In total, more than 30 men claimed that they had been victims of Spacey- with actor Anthony Rapp alleging he was sexually assaulted at age 14 by the star.

Now Spacey's brother Randy Fowler, who has spoken openly about how their Nazi-sympathizing father raped him more than 50 times as a teen, has hit out at his sibling, saying it is "disgusting" he would take on the film project.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Randy, from Idaho, said: "For him to come out and do a movie about pedophiles, I just can't understand where his head is.

"He obviously has no conscience at all.

"Does he even have any representation? If I was his agent, I would have said, 'Turn this movie down – this is the last topic you want to be making a movie about because of all the allegations against you.'

"After all the people that have said things about him, why would he choose a movie like this? It's disturbing at best."

"He obviously has no conscience at all"

Spacey will play a police officer investigating the case of a blind artist wrongly accused of sexually abusing children.

The movie's director Franco Nero told ABC News: "I'm very happy Kevin agreed to participate in my film. I consider him a great actor and I can't wait to start the movie."

"I'm angry that somebody wants to put him in a movie, regardless of the subject matter," Randy said.

"My question is, is this movie going to be distributed here in America?Because nobody will touch it – Kevin is taboo now.

"I find it really disturbing that they've given him a part in this movie considering there are still many allegations against him out there.

"I bet this is the only offer he has had."

Randy believes that his brother has taken on the role because he misses being in the limelight after his career fell apart.

Spacey was stripped of an International Emmy Award and was axed from the hit Netflix series House of Cards following the deluge of claims against him.

"My brother has been out of the limelight now for three and a half years – he doesn't get invited to the Globes or the Academy Awards any more and he clearly misses it – that's the only reason I think he took this movie role," Randy said.

"A while back, it was like he was doing a test run where he was pictured riding his bicycle down the street in New York and London, and trying to feel out the waters on what people thought of him. And then all of a sudden that completely stopped.

"Another time the paparazzi was hanging out at his house in Nantucket, and he went and delivered pizza to them which just shows you how much he needs the attention.

"He's so desperate for the applause and the accolades that he's going to go deliver pizza to the paparazzi. That tells the whole story right there."

Randy has previously revealed how he almost killed their abusive and racist dad – who he nicknamed The Creature for his inhumane behavior -following years of harrowing physical and sexual abuse.

In his autobiography A Moment In Time: Living In The Shadows, Randy documents years of abuse in which his father beat him, whipped him and emotionally abused him from the age of six before he started sexually assaulting him at age 14.

“All my life I thought I had protected Kevin from my father and it turns out it’s all for nothing because he’s worse than my father, The Creature," Randy said in a 2018 interview with The Sun.

“He [his father] would push me up against the wall and sodomise me,” he added.

“My mother would be banging on the door saying ‘What’s going on in there?’ And he’d have his hand on my neck telling me to shut up and she’d just walk away.

“This was happening two or three times a week.

“I always thought I saved my brother from him but since all these allegations have come out against him I have started to wonder whether he was abused too.

“But seeing as though he never speaks to me I’ll probably never know.”

Randy says he hasn't heard from or seen his famous brother for 17 years – even though he's always offered his support.

"I still haven't heard a peep from him since 2004 at my mother's funeral – that was the last time I saw him," Randy said.

"I have continually been asking why won't Kevin have a relationship with me when we were close growing up and now 40 years later, he doesn't want anything to do with me.

"And someone told me this Christmas that Kevin had said, 'I will never have any relationship with Randy because Randy reminds me of the past'.

"I'm the keeper of the secrets and the truth. And he can't face the truth.

"If my brother really wanted to change, he would call me, he would support my book and he would help me stop these pedophiles and help victims- that would be something that people could accept and maybe he could get his career back."

Randy has now written a fictional screenplay based on his shocking memoir – which his agent is shopping around Hollywood.

"The book is fictional but based on me and my brother and our family. I even requested for Kevin to play himself in it," Randy revealed.

"Like with my book, I've only ever wanted to help other victims of sexual abuse.

"The screenplay talks about the problems in our society, about pedophiles, PTSD, rape,people afraid of those that hurt them and not knowing what to do. They are hard things to talk about – but we can't ignore them.

Spacey first came under fire after actor Anthony Rapp, the first alleged victim to come forward, claiming that Spacey – who was 26 at the time – had sexually assaulted him in 1986.

The American Beauty actor made a controversial apology to Rapp saying he did not remember the incident but he was sorry if he did act in such way – before announcing he was gay.

The actor was then hit with a slew of other allegations from young men in the US and the UK.

Spacey has denied all allegations against him and the final US criminal case was dismissed in July 2019, but police in London are still probing sexual harassment claims against him.

In 2019, the Metropolitan Police confirmed they had flown out to the USA in May to interview Spacey in relation to six allegations of sexual assault between 1996 and 2013 which took place in the UK.

In April, it emerged that police had handed their case files to prosecutors and Spacey could face charges in the UK.

London's Old Vic theatre, where Spacey was an artistic director from 2004 to 2015, also apologized as it revealed it had received 20 allegations of inappropriate behavior.

The Sun reached out to representatives for Spacey for comment.

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