Kamiyah Mobley needs to accept her mum is a felon … and a nasty one too

Kamiyah Mobley needs to accept her mum is a felon … and a nasty one too

January 31, 2022

“My mom is not a felon.”

So says 18-year-old US student Kamiyah Mobley, snatched from her biological mother when she was just eight hours old and brought up by “mom” Gloria Williams, who now faces charges of kidnap.

Poor Kamiyah’s loyalty is understandable, but her “mother” IS a criminal. And a nasty, calculating one at that.

Yet, as ever with cases like this, the bleeding-heart brigade are suggesting that Gloria is as much a victim herself because she had suffered a miscarriage and, to paraphrase Jesus, knew not what she did.

What utter, disingenuous bunkum.

Around one in five women suffer miscarriage in the first trimester and it’s undoubtedly a deeply upsetting experience.

But how many feel the solution to their woes is to kidnap another woman’s child, plunging her into a living hell?

Tellingly, this wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment snatch, either.

Williams, then 32, drove 200 miles from her home in South Carolina to Florida (presumably to put a bit of distance between her and the forthcoming scene of the crime) then spent 14 hours patrolling the corridors of a hospital before dressing as “a health worker” and approaching Kamiyah’s mother Shanara.

After spending several hours gaining her confidence (staff assumed she was a relative) she said she was taking her baby for a temperature check and calmly walked out of the hospital clutching Shanara’s precious first born.

She would have seen the news coverage of a mother sobbing for her stolen child and, ten years later, would have heard Shanara’s heartbreaking words: “I wonder, ‘What does she like? What kind of food? What kind of colours?

“How smart is she? Does she have long, pretty hair? Does she have my eyelashes?’.”

And yet still, Williams carried on the heinous deceit until she was rumbled following an anonymous tip-off.

Yes, she may well have been a social worker who helped others. Yes, she may have attended church every Sunday.

And yes, she may well have been a wonderful “mother” to Kamiyah.

But none of that masks the unpalatable truth that she was a heartless kidnapper who robbed another woman of her chance to be a mother to her baby.

Only time — and perhaps her own experience of motherhood if and when it comes — will tell whether poor, deceived Kamiyah eventually sees it the same way.

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